Injection Molded Medical Devices Are Found Across The Healthcare Industry

Injection Molded Medical Devices

As the COVID-19 outbreak hit the world in the winter and spring of 2020, it highlighted just how important medical device manufacturing is to public health and safety. While much of the current press coverage is focused on facemasks and ventilators, there are many, many more devices and components that support the healthcare industry, including injection molded medical devices.

Injection molded medical devices are a popular solution for manufacturers because they allow products to be built to exact specifications quickly and in complete compliance with regulatory requirements. Medical-grade plastics are used to make the medical devices themselves, such as ventilators, pacemakers, and joint replacements, as well as in the smaller components that make up the device. Plastic injection molding processes are also used to create lab and facility equipment, among other products including:

  • Beakers, test tubes, and other lab, clinic, or facility containers
  • Housings and casings for medical and laboratory equipment
  • Surgical equipment

The Benefits of Injection Molded Medical Devices

  • Cost-Effective. Injection molded medical components are a cost-effective way for device suppliers to meet production and quality needs. In fact, the more products that are needed, the more cost-effective injection molding becomes. The repeatable processes and efficient production methods ensure devices are manufactured to spec, on budget, and in the needed quantities, every time.
  • Safe and Sterile. The regulatory requirements of many medical devices require that medical device manufacturing plants be held to extremely strict sterilization and sanitation requirements to maintain product safety and integrity. The resins and polymers used in medical device production are resistant to contamination and corrosion while also being easy to sterilize and durable.
  • Robotics-Assisted. Thanks to computer aided design and the use of robotics in manufacturing, injection molded medical devices can meet extremely strict levels of accuracy, making it possible to create allows products, parts, and components that have very tight tolerances.

Count on Baytech Plastics For Injection Molded Medical Devices

Baytech Plastics is Canada’s top source for injection molded medical devices. We bring over 70 years of experience to every project, including production in NSF approved facilities. Our capabilities extend beyond manufacturing to include engineering design and support, resin selection, prototyping, and assembly. Through it all, our customers are supported by professional project management and a dedicated account manager. Designers and engineers are available to help you choose the best materials for your device and ensure it performs as intended.

Our comprehensive process provides medical device manufacturers with the support and service they need to develop safe and effective medical devices on time and within budget. We are able to meet all regulatory requirements of both the U.S. and Canada so you can bring your product to market without worry of passing audits or obtaining approvals.

To discuss your medical device project or to learn more about our services and capabilities, contact Baytech Plastics at (705) 526-7801 or online.