Injection Molding Engineering & Design Specialists

Simplified Injection Molding

If there is one thing the injection molding engineering and design specialists at Baytech Plastics have heard repeatedly from our customers, it is before they worked with us, bringing new products to market was an exercise in patience. This is particularly true when the businesses had to manage multiple vendor partners at different stages along the way. Each new vendor and point of contact represents just one more point at which the project can be derailed. Communication problems, supplier and schedule delays, and inadequate products or performance are just a few examples of common issues that companies face in product development and manufacturing.

Now, multiply those problems by every vendor, supplier, or partner involved in the process, and you can understand why businesses like to eliminate middlemen.

Say Goodbye To Middlemen

There are no middlemen at Baytech Plastics. We do it all in-house and in close consultation with your own team. Our partnership approach with our clients includes injection molding and engineering design specialists on every team and dedicated account managers who start working with you from the very beginning of our relationship. This lays the groundwork for effective communication, designs that meet your needs, can withstand the injection molding process’s rigors, and competitive solutions to your toughest manufacturing challenges. Our streamlined approach and global network of suppliers also reduce costs and time to market. It also provides you with access to expert injection molding engineering and design specialists that you may not otherwise have access to.

Injection Molding Engineering And Design Specialists Oversee All Projects

One of the biggest reasons why injection molding projects fail or are delayed can be traced back to design problems. Product design affects every subsequent step of the injection molding process. A design can look perfect on paper, but everything can fall apart on the production line without the correct engineering behind it.

Our injection molding engineering and design specialists take into account the overall design of the product and use that knowledge to develop component parts, tool design, resin selection, and finishing touches to ensure the final product will stand up under production stress and meet your desired outcome. This valuable service can eliminate problems before they occur, driving production efficiency and improving overall product quality.

Since you’ll be in contact with our engineers from the earliest stages of your project and all the way through to final delivery, there is a check on product development and project progress at every step of the production process. This constant involvement and support by injection molding engineering design specialists eliminates the possibility of delays and cost overruns during production and is one of the most important differentiators between Baytech Plastics and the competition.

Experience The Difference With Baytech Plastics As Your Injection Molding Partner

Baytech Plastics has been a leader in Canadian injection molding and manufacturing since the 1940s. We attribute our success to our commitment to our client experiences and a business approach that is always adapting, adjusting, and evolving to meet changing technologies and industry demands.

Are you ready to experience the difference of having Baytech Plastics as your injection molding partner? Contact our team at (705) 526-7801 or online to discuss your project and see if we are a good fit.