Innovative Injection Molding Starts With Investments in People and Technology

Baytech Plastics has over 70 years of experience in the injection molding industry. Our commitment to innovative injection molding best practices is well-known among our customers and within the industry. In our mind, that commitment goes well beyond simply keeping up with the latest innovations and processing techniques. Innovation never stops here at Baytech. We are always learning, always investing, always moving the industry forward to best meet the needs of our customers. As your needs and customer demands change, ours do too. We work hard to stay at the forefront of those changes so that we always have the services and capabilities that are in demand for our customers as they push their own innovations.  

Our Investments Make Innovation Possible

From the very beginning, our injection molding company has paid particular attention to not only the machinery and equipment we use to produce parts and components, but also the value-added services we offer. Any injection molding manufacturer is going to have the latest equipment and use the latest processing techniques to meet their customers’ needs. Where Baytech stands out is in how we blend our production capabilities and our customer service and support.

By investing in our people as well as our equipment, we can deliver top-notch customer care while producing new products using the latest processing techniques. Robotics is just one example of this. Even though we have added robotics to our manufacturing capabilities, we haven’t replaced our employees with robots. We still rely on employees for quality control, to manage and oversee the robotic operations, ideas and problem solving, and to provide personalized contact, communication, and service to our customers. Innovations in injection molding may improve one part of the manufacturing process and enable us to deliver parts and components in new ways, but those innovations must still be supported by a team of people who can answer your questions and shepherd your project through to completion.

Innovative Injection Molding Practices at Baytech Plastics

Some of our most innovative injection molding practices utilize this combination of machines and people to create better products and solutions. Two examples of how we use this combination at Baytech Plastics include:

  • Design for Manufacturing. In the past, the design was the design and it was up to the manufacturer to make it work even if it meant inefficiencies in production or going back to the drawing board well after the design phase had concluded. Our approach is to design with manufacturability in mind from the very start. This requires early engineering input with an eye on how the design will affect production. Manufacturing engineers are brought in during the design phase to provide insight on ways to improve, streamline, or speed up the production process by making design changes. The goal is to reduce the gap and eliminate much of the trial and error between the initial design and the final product. This approach can reduce the project timeline and improve the product at the same time.
  • Eco-Friendly Materials and Practices. Sustainability is a selling point for injection molders. Many companies want to be able to tout their commitment to environmentally-friendly practices and that means less waste, using eco-friendly, recycled, or recyclable materials, and energy-efficiency production practices. Robotics and CAD systems have boosted precision and helped to reduce waste. Our reclamation and re-use of waste materials and the use of eco-friendly materials also provide environmental benefits that our customers appreciate as they seek to reduce their own environmental footprint while still meeting consumer demands.

Although injection molding is a seemingly straightforward process, there is always room for improvement and innovation. Baytech Plastics is always evolving and innovating, keeping up with the latest trends in our industry as well as our customers’ industries so we can continue to provide world-class injection molding services and support. To learn more about our capabilities and innovative practices, contact our team at (705) 526-7801 or online.