Integrated Systems Make Baytech Plastics Canada’s Contract Plastics Manufacturing Industry Experts

Plastics Manufacturing Experts

Contract plastics manufacturing is a necessity for most OEMs. Without reliable manufacturing partners, businesses would have trouble meeting consumer demands in a timely manner, risk losing market share, and even have difficulty advancing new products and ideas. Baytech Plastics has been filling the role as one of Canada’s leading contract plastics manufacturing experts since 1946. Today, we work with OEMs worldwide to deliver just-in-time products and solutions across industries and markets that range from automotive to medical to household goods and more.

We attribute our long-standing success to our integrated systems approach, which allows us to provide streamlined and cost-effective plastics manufacturing services along with value-added services that are second to none.

Our Integrated Approach To Plastics Manufacturing

We often refer to our integrated approach as the “Baytech Advantage” because it allows us to meet so many different customer needs, regardless of industry. For example, we prefer to get involved in the product development process as early as possible, preferably at the design phase. Early involvement allows our engineers to take a look at the design and recommend changes that may improve the strength or function of the product or ease production requirements. It is because of these seemingly small, value-added services that Baytech Plastics has been able to take the lead as Canada’s contract plastics manufacturing industry experts. Other facets of our integrated approach include:

  • Tooling Procurement – Successful plastics manufacturing production begins with sourcing appropriate tooling. For OEMs that don’t do this every day, this can be an intimidating and challenging task. Baytech Plastics takes that task on for our customers to ensure every project begins with the right tooling. Our services include design, tool vendor selection, first articles, and final approval into production.
  • Global Logistics – Getting finished products from Point A to Point B at the right time is vital to OEM success, but it is often one of the most overlooked aspects of plastics manufacturing. An afterthought. Not at Baytech Plastics. We provide seamless management of logistics, including management of the import/export demands of international logistics.
  • Market Experience – Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of a Baytech Plastics partnership is our worldwide experience and expertise in diverse markets. We are able to draw on what we’ve learned about the best practices in one industry and apply them to another for similar advantages and to drive continuous improvement for our customers.

Experience The Baytech Advantage For Yourself And See Why We Are Canada’s Contract Plastics Manufacturing Industry Experts

Baytech Plastics may be a plastics contract manufacturer, but that’s not all we are. We provide services that extend far beyond production to improve overall product quality and performance, streamline operations, ease the demands on OEM capabilities, and drive innovation and change to become a valued partner to OEMs around the globe. How can we help your business succeed?

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