Is "Made In Canada" Even Better Than "Made In The USA"?

Ontario Canada Injection Molding

U.S. manufacturing capabilities are respected throughout the world and with good reason. For all the press about manufacturing jobs being outsourced to cheap countries like China, many American companies prefer to keep their contracts at home and foreign companies are turning to American factories to produce their goods. However, injection mold manufacturing in Ontario is proving to be competitive with and arguably even superior to American production.

Advantages Of Canadian Manufacturing

Canada produces abundant natural resources necessary to the manufacturing process. Injection mold manufacturing in Ontario benefits from access to local sources of petroleum products used in plastics manufacturing. Canadian oil sands are second in production only to those in Saudi Arabia.

The economy is diverse so is able to withstand the effect of price shocks or resource fluctuations across the globe. It’s not a single-product nation that could be economically devastated by world events. The Canadian dollar has admittedly suffered a bit over the last few years but appears to be regaining strength.

The country has access to a diverse and well-educated work force. A large percentage of the population has college degrees, and necessary manufacturing skills are common in the labour pool.

Advantages Of Canada Over The U.S.

The U.S. is a manufacturing powerhouse but businesses are discovering that injection mold manufacturing in Ontario provides many of the advantages of U.S. manufacture as well as additional benefits. A report from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service shows how the country is one of the top industrial nations in the world.

The report shows that, in comparison with the United States, Canada has shown greater recent economic growth as well as having a better educated workforce, a 17% lower marginal effective tax rate, 11% lower R&D costs and a stronger banking system. All of these factors give Canadian manufacturers significant competitive advantages over those in other countries, even those in their neighbour to the south.

Everybody Benefits From Injection Mold Manufacturing In Ontario

Canadian companies prefer contracting for injection mold manufacturing in Ontario because they can get access to technology that is cheaper than it would be from the States and higher quality than it would be from many other countries. American companies look to Canada to get the same cutting-edge manufacturing methods they can get at home but for a lower cost. Countries outside of North America come to Canada as well, seeing it as an easy way to get a foot in the door to the North American manufacturing complex.

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