It’s The Little Details That Drive Large Part Injection Molders’ Success

Success in Large Part Injection Molding

For anyone NOT in plastics manufacturing, large plastic components are viewed as being pretty easy, no-nonsense products to bring to market. Big pieces must be easier to manufacturer, right? There’s less intricacy, maybe a little wiggle room for error, and they’re less fragile. But this “ease” of manufacturing isn’t due to the size of the piece itself, it’s due to the detail work and precision of large part injection molders.

Large part injection molders, like Baytech Plastics, invest in equipment and professional expertise in order to produce top-quality large plastic components. It may look easy and simple, but it’s really this advance detail work that drives the process and ensures success.

They say “the devil is in the details”. At Baytech Plastics, we get the details right long before a product starts its run so we don’t have a devil of a time getting pieces made and products delivered on time and on budget.

Care And Attention To Detail Define Baytech’s Large Part Injection Molding Process

Large plastic components receive the same care and attention as smaller, more intricate components at Baytech. Every project begins with an in-depth client consultation. Baytech’s in-house engineers and designers meet with your own internal staff to review the product concept and design for not only feasibility, but also to ensure it’s the best design possible. Does it meet the criteria of form, fit, and function? Together, we’ll make sure it does.

Once a design has been settled on, we turn our attention to processing and materials selection. Which process and what materials will best bring your product to life? From resin selection to color choices, design elements, and secondary operations, we help you finalize what your product will look like when complete.

You’ll have a lot of choice when making these decisions. Baytech has two plants with more than 30 machines, ranging from 40 to 2600 tons capacity. Our plastic injection molding capabilities cover gas-assisted, small part injection molders, large part injection molders, structural foam, and thermoplastic methods. We also do insert molding, overmolding, ultrasonic welding, heat stake and chemical bonding processes. We can also provide hot stamping, pad printing, painting, heat transfer labeling, solvent bonding, EMI/RFI coating and silk screening to add a finishing touch to your product. Once it’s complete, we can even help with warehousing, packaging, and delivery.

Through it all, you’ll have guidance from our internal team and a dedicated project manager to act as your point of contact. Our goal is to make it easier for you to bring your products to market, regardless of size.

Baytech Is Your Source For Large Part Injection Molders Right Here In Canada

There’s no need to manufacture large parts overseas with Baytech here to help. Our two plants are located right here in Canada for convenient, timely, and cost-effective large part injection molding.

Call (705) 526-7801 or contact us online to learn more about how our attention to detail can work for your business!