Large Part Injection Molding In Ontario: An Integral Component Of The Aerospace Industry

Large Part Injection Molding and the Aerospace Industry

Plastics have come a long way. When we think of large part injection molding in Ontario, you probably think of your toddler’s playhouse or their cozy coupe play car. But have you considered that many of the parts on your coupe or your family SUV are injection molded? Even the planes that take us to conferences, on vacation and even the ones that keep our country safe have many components that are injection molded. In fact, the large part injection molding industry is growing by leaps and bounds and has become an integral part of aerospace engineering and injection molding. Many might say large part injection molding in Ontario is taking flight.

The Advancement of Plastics Technology

Here Are A Few Factors That Contributed To The Success Of Aerospace Injection Molding

Up until recently, no one would have dreamed that we’d be manufacturing aircrafts with plastics, but we’ve come a long way. There are several contributing factors to the success of aerospace injection molding. Here are two key contributing factors:

Advanced Molding Technology: We have the technological ability to create more intricate molds that are nearly error free.

Advanced Polymer And Resin Technology: We’ve developed polymers and resins that are as strong and durable as metal, but far easier to manufacture. These resins and polymers also have extremely close tolerances.

Some Of The Benefits Of Large Part Injection Molding Over Metal Manufacturing

The benefits of large part molding over metal manufacturing are numerous. However, we have listed some of the more significant benefits.

Here Are Some Key Benefits To Consider:

  • Plastics are lightweight
  • Unlike metal, resins do not conduct electricity or overheat
  • Comparing equal weight and mass, resins are far more stable than metal
  • Plastics can be molded with much greater precision and aerodynamics than metal
  • Resins and polymers can be tailored to the specific need of a part
  • Resins are UV reflective and scratch resistant
  • The plastic injection molding process is more efficient than manufacturing metal
  • Labor and manufacture costs of injection molded plastic are far lower than manufacturing metal
  • Many different parts can be manufactured simultaneously
  • Resins come in every color of the rainbow, no need to paint or powder coat

Aircraft Parts That Can Currently Be Manufactured By Injection Molding         

There are a wide variety of parts, both custom and assembly, that can be produced via large part injection molding in Ontario. Here are some of the more prominent examples of what can be manufactured:

  • Chassis Components
  • Panels
  • Lenses
  • Bezels
  • Turbine Housings
  • Turbine Blades
  • Enclosure and Containers
  • Interior plastic components, for example: seat bases, buttons and armrests

Contact A Plastics Manufacturer You Can Trust

Aerospace injection molding requires a lot more inspection, careful design and precisions than something like a toy or a broom handle. People’s lives depend on the functionality of these parts. Your plastics manufacturer must be reliable, regulation compliant and there must me an element of trust.

Trust Baytech For Your Aerospace Manufacturing Needs

Do you still have questions about aerospace large part molding in Ontario?  Baytech Plastics can help. Contact our team of plastics specialists to learn more about how your business can soar with aerospace plastic injection molding.