Medical Device Manufacturing in Ontario: Choose A Trusted Partner

Outsourcing medical device manufacturing in Ontario demands a strategic screening and vetting prospect. As you move through potential providers, it’s critical to recognize several key points, not only to help you identify a qualify a firm that specializes in medical device manufacturing, but also one that may prove an invaluable resource to your organization throughout other projects and endeavors for a long-term professional relationship.

When Screening Through Various Providers, Some Key Considerations To Discuss May Include:

Partnership Potential

Don’t settle for a firm that only wants to fill the role of “order taker.” In order to ensure that you receive top quality medical device manufacturing in Ontario, you will want to seek a true industry partner. A professional partner that understands your business and output goals can proactively anticipate production needs, provide value-added services and strategically align with your organization maximum return on investment.

Supply Chain

While a vendor will often manage many processes in-house, they may also outsource several components of their supply chain to our providers. You will want to know about these suppliers to have a firm understanding of the quality of goods and service you will receive.

Build Information

Many companies initially build their devices onsite before exploring an outsource option. If your organization has already developed a production process for prototyping or even small batch output, you will want to share these details with your prospective manufacturers. Sharing details such as drawings and bills of materials can quickly bring the team up to speed on the engagement. Understanding your process will help them understand the scope of your project, as well as how to streamline production for optional results.

Outline Volume Expectations

Any type of manufacturing partnership requires a conversation about volumes. When going into the process, it is important to have a realistic conversation about just how many units you are expecting throughout the partnership. Yes, the bigger the order, the lower the cost per piece. However, overestimating your volume expectations can skew any project estimates that you may receive. Going into the discussion with a fair estimate of output will set the tone for the rest of the discussion.

Quotation Process

When searching for a manufacturing partner, you will want to see project estimates to gauge which providers offer the best value. When comparing quotations, it’s critical to ensure that you are evaluating like services. Carefully go through every estimate to ensure you are making a fair and accurate comparison between each. Additionally, while pricing is always a crucial component in the decision making process, it shouldn’t be the sole factor guiding a decision. When identifying first-rate medical device manufacturing in Ontario, search for a vendor that provides cost-effective production, yet also offers extensive value-add services for the best overall partnership.

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