Medical Devices

NSF Certified – Latest Generation Equipment

Baytech Plastics has the facilities and expertise fully suiting the market requirements of a medical device manufacturer with a very high-tech operation currently NFS certified for the production water filtration product. The facility features a very modern molding operation in a temperature controlled environment. Molding equipment latest generation closed loop, robotic part removal and computerized production monitoring. We added in recent years two shot injection molding to better service growing demand.

Medical device manufacturers are continuing to look for an alternative to the high cost of off-shore sourcing. Many OEM’s are considering localized production to reduce the high development costs normally associated with going offshore. At Baytech Plastics we understand the challenges and have a proven track record of providing complicated assemblies at globally completive prices. We incorporate the best practices from any diverse markets and uniformly blend them into a homogenous knowledge pool allowing us to draw from the best of the best. Our toolbox of skills continues to grow across our skilled labor force and very low turnover rate encourages continued education.

We have very extensive development resources that work alongside your team to facilitate part design and prototype tooling. The engineering team will manage all aspects from final design to initial tooling trials, approvals and into full production. Baytech Plastics engineers will enhance the product quality and reduce the time to market, the result is lower cost high quality product in the consumers hands much faster. The engineering team supports the program for the full lifecycle and will manage through all product evolution changes.

Our quality systems are rigorous and bulletproof with mock recall part traceability to the minute, done in seconds and withstand the stress test of full third party audits to ensure compliance. This is a key system to support medical device manufacturing.

We have produced several million diverse products from this facility at zero defect rates, at a low PPM.

Baytech Plastics continually invests in upgrading facilities and equipment to maintain a competitive edge, keep our workplace safe for all employees, and be environmentally responsible to our community and our industry.