Modern Medicine and the Medical Plastic Device Manufacturer

Medical Plastic Device Manufacturing

Plastics are the material of choice in the modern medical community. As any medical plastic device manufacturer can tell you, plastic has many benefits when it comes to mass production of parts and components. It is affordable, offers design flexibility, and won’t corrode like metals. It’s less allergenic than other materials, making it safer for use inside and outside the body. Plastics even provide antimicrobial benefits. It’s no wonder that a partnership with a trusted medical plastic device manufacturer is a must for medical device developers.

Injection Molded Medical Devices Are Increasingly Common

Injection molding is an ideal production process for medical device manufacturing. Perfect for mass-production of precision parts, the process can be used with many different kinds of plastics and resins. Plastics make it possible for a medical plastic device manufacturer to produce everything from the tiniest of parts and device components to larger items like wheelchair or bed parts made from PVC. When you stop to think about it, plastics are everywhere in the medical industry, playing a vital role in both routine wellness care and critical care.

One upfront investment in the creation of an injection mold will pay off for years since the same mold can be used over and over again to produce thousands of parts and components.

Quality Control Is Essential For Medical Device Manufacturing

One essential quality to demand of any medical plastic device manufacturer is strict quality control measures. Since these devices will be used in healthcare settings, it is crucial that the designs are flawless and production is completed in a sterile setting. You will want to partner with a manufacturer who has a long history of experience in medical device manufacturing. This will help ensure staff with the right expertise are on hand to help review the design and engineering of the devices for production success. Expert tool and die makers will also be needed to ensure the mold is produced accurately and is strong enough to stand up to repeated use.

Put Your Trust in Ontario’s Top Medical Plastic Device Manufacturer

Baytech Plastics is one of the most trusted medical plastic device manufacturers in Canada. We have been producing plastic parts and components for over 70 years and have kept pace with industry demands and changes during that time. Today, we operate two facilities in Ontario that undergo rigorous quality control testing and maintenance to ensure ideal production conditions for medical device manufacturing. Our NSF approved facility is temperature controlled and utilized closed loop robotics to eliminate the chance of contamination during the production process.

We don’t stop at simply producing plastic injection molded medical devices, either. Our capabilities also extend to the cosmetic to include finishing, resin colors and selections, and custom paint. From concept generation to prototyping, production and post-production, we are a full-service medical plastic device manufacturer with the knowledge and experience needed to bring new concepts and products to the market just as well as established and trusted products.

Contact our team at (705) 526-7801 or online to learn more about our medical device production and injection molding capabilities.