Ontario Plastics Manufacturing: High Quality Injection Molding

Ontario Injection Molding

“Think globally, act locally” is a popular saying amongst conservationists. Believe it or not, it also applies to manufacturing. The highest quality injection molding services can be sourced right around the corner. Overall, local-to-local manufacturing is making a comeback, and injection molding is no different. More companies are choosing to work with local manufacturers rather than offshore manufacturers, but why? There are many advantages to Ontario plastics manufacturing that will boost quality, save money and time, plus it might just make your business a little greener.

A Rise In Reshoring

Reshoring is bringing manufacturing back to Canada and North America. This not only brings back jobs to depressed areas, but it allows a whole new level of involvement between the customers and the manufacturer. Here are some of the reasons why Ontario plastics manufacturing services are for your company.

It’s Sustainable

The less time your part spends in a truck or on a barge, the less fuel you use. Using less fuel to ship means less pollution and a smaller carbon footprint. Above and beyond the monetary savings, Ontario plastics manufacturing systems helps to make manufacturing just a little greener.

Faster And Cheaper Delivery

Shipping costs in two ways: paying for the actual transport of the parts and “paying” for the time you need to wait for those parts. The old saying “time is money” is true, and local-to-local manufacturing saves both. Between saving on shipping and getting orders sooner, the savings could be huge.

Supports The Community

Local-to-local manufacturing brings jobs back into the community and that’s good news for everyone. When more people are employed, more people are buying your products. Plus, higher employment rates mean higher property values and stock values. So, choosing a local manufacturer can boost the value of your business in the long run.

More Connected And Efficient

When you’re manufacturing something overseas, it’s difficult to coordinate time zones and schedules to fix a potential problem. You and your manufacturer may be trying as hard as you both can to resolve a potential issue, but it may take a long time to resolve. However, Ontario plastics manufacturing systems allow you to pick up the phone, take a short drive or ask your project manager to come to you. With your manufacturer close by, you can easily resolve any issue. This boosts efficiency and also, saves more time. So, you’ll have a better product faster with little wait time due to potential complications.

The Future Is Bright And Local

The future of injection molding is right in your backyard, not across an ocean. There are numerous benefits to choosing your local manufacturer rather than a company overseas. It not only makes you more connected to your community, but it’s a more efficient and greener way to do business.

Baytech Takes Ontario Plastics Manufacturing Services To The Next Level

Baytech Plastics is an injection molded plastics manufacturer with a global edge. We’re taking plastics manufacturing services to the next level. We may be local, but we think big. We think big because we are big, big enough to handle injection molding projects of almost any size and specializing in large part projects. We’re also invested in the future, offering the latest in injection molding technology. Contact us for more information on how going local can help your business take on the world.