Our Custom Injection Molders Can Help Your Company Overcome A Variety Of Parts Production Problems

Avoid Common Production Problems

If you rely on custom injection molders for specific parts your company needs on a regular basis, you may be tempted to bring parts production into your own business, but this can be a costly mistake over time. Instead, rely on Baytech Plastics for all of your custom injection molding needs; you’ll soon discover that we can help you overcome common production problems, including:

Design Weaknesses

In-house engineering can be a wonderful asset or a liability for many companies who need individual plastic components or OEM parts. While it’s wonderful to have your own designers, they can sometimes focus so much on what features are needed that they forget the inherent limitations of plastic components. That’s why it’s always a good idea to work with Baytech Plastics’ engineers before getting production started. Issues that may not have occurred to your own experts – such as issues with wall thickness or conformity, gate location, and draft angles. Let our engineers take a look at your design to ensure that it’s the best possible blueprint for custom injection molders to follow.

One-Time Or Changing Production Needs

No matter how many plastic parts you need, the odds are that if you try to manufacture in-house, you’ll end up having to invest in a variety of machines over time as your needs change and designs become modified. That’s fine of you want to keep purchasing custom injection molders to add to your facility and you want to continually train your workers on how to use these new machines. It’s much more economical to farm out your parts production to Baytech Plastics because we offer a wide variety of custom injection molding solutions, including:

  • More than 45 custom injection molders
  • Injection molding machines in a wide range of sizes
  • Alternatives such as heat staking, chemical bonding and ultrasonic welding
  • Complete in-house painting options to customize your parts

Because we manufacture for a wide variety of industries, we can invest in a multitude of processes so that we can offer truly customizable options without your company having to invest in expensive custom injection molders that are prohibitively expensive and that may not be used beyond one production cycle.

Training Issues

In-house manufacturing of plastic parts requires highly skilled workers who keep up on the latest techniques and designs in order to give you the best possible outcome with every job. Do you have the time to retrain your employees every time you need to use custom injection molders? Probably not; after all, parts manufacturing isn’t the focus of your business. At Baytech Plastics, custom injection molding is the cornerstone and focus of our business. We are constantly providing training for our employees so that they are current on the latest injection molding techniques at all times. We also cross-train them across a variety of processes so that we can tailor our manufacturing to your current needs with the option to make changes down the road whenever needed.

High Grade, Reproducible Results

Some industries such as telecommunications and medical device manufacturing rely on a high degree of accuracy and reproducibility. Baytech Plastics offers facilities that feature extremely sensitive calibration capabilities for industries in which accuracy is critical. We also offer full mock recall part traceability at every step of the process for all of our custom injection molders so that the need for a third party audit is minimized and you can guarantee compliance. Email Baytech Plastics today to request a quote.