Plastic Electronic Enclosure Manufacturers Discuss Computer Enclosure Trends

The Importance of Plastic Electronic Enclosures

Even though computers can quite literally do your shopping, send your mail and even pay your bills, the most advanced tech still needs to be protected. All electronics need enclosures to protect delicate circuitry from the elements, debris, and to regulate temperature.

Plastic electronic enclosures have come a long way. Innovative plastic electronic enclosure manufacturers have designed modern enclosures to be both functional and attractive. Practical elements, like high-test resins that offer waterproofing and damage proofing have added to the functionality of electronic enclosures. But it’s the same innovations in resin and polymer engineering that have also made these enclosures lightweight and attractive. Here are some examples of advances in plastic electronic enclosure manufacturing.

Weatherproof And Waterproof Enclosures

Now more than any ever, the use of electronic equipment has become universal. Whether it’s a smart phone, smart watch, the computers within our cars, the computers within our refrigerators, stand-alone GPSs and even our hand held gaming devices, computers and electronics have saturated our everyday life. In times past, many of the enclosures for these devices were made of metal. However, with increased NEMA and IP water and weatherproof ratings, plastics are joining the ranks of durable, weatherproof, waterproof and everyday-life proof enclosures.

Single Board Computer Enclosures And Mountings

Open source and customizable parts have been gaining popularity due to a resurgence of DIY electronics. Customizable single board computers, like Raspberry Pi and Arduino, are unique because they can be combined with accessories like touchscreens, projectors, laptop cases, handheld game consoles or even other single board computers. There’s really no limit to how you can customize these computers. These projects require adaptable, customizable enclosures that can be combined as easily as the computers themselves. The results are enclosures and mounting boards that offer built in cooling fans and components that snap together to create DIY laptops, tablets, smart TVs, game consoles and the like.

Enclosures Made For Easy Modification

Raspberry Pi’s aren’t the only DIY projects people are taking on. With the popularity of YouTube tutorials and DIY reality shows, people are taking on more do-it-yourself projects than ever before. Many of these projects require enclosures that are quick and easy to assemble and modify. Since these enclosures are easy to assemble, DIYers can easily add minor modifications to create custom electronic tools, decorations, or even toys.

Portable Enclosures With Flexible Mounting

In years past, if an enclosure needed to be mounted, the only safe and secure place to mount was a wall or a heavy piece of equipment. Because electronics have become exponentially smaller, it’s safer and easier to mount electronics in a wider variety of places. Also because of advances in battery technology, weight, and wireless connections, electronics have become increasingly portable. So plastic electronic enclosure manufacturers developed durable lighter weight enclosures to accommodate smart watches and fitness trackers and the like.

Baytech Has Evolved As Injection Molding Trends Evolve

Baytech Plastics, quality plastics manufacturers since 1946, has been evolving along with the electronics they enclose. Trust the Baytech advantage, because regardless of what electronic enclosure is trending, quality and superior service is always on point. Call or email to request a quote or for more information on plastic injection molding and electronic enclosure manufacturing.