Plastic Manufacturer Automated Paint Line Capabilities

Appearances matter. People like to buy things that look good, which is why the finishing work in plastic injection molding processes is so important. Some finishing work is needed to support the function of the product, but other types of finishes improve the aesthetics. Painting is one example of finishing work that is used primarily for aesthetics. How that work is accomplished and the specific types of painting available depends on your plastic manufacturer’s automated paint line capabilities.

Automated paint lines improve efficiencies and precision through the use of robotics. Baytech Plastics’ robotic paint lines are capable of finishing the most complex parts and components for products ranging from consumer goods and business machines to automotive parts. Our automated paint lines are further supported by manual paint operations when needed.

Benefits of Automated Paint Lines

Plastic manufacturers are constantly improving their processes to save their customers time and money. Automated paint lines are just one example of how plastic manufacturers like Baytech Plastics are innovating and improving existing processes to benefit their customers.

Why have we moved to automated paint lines and what are our plastic manufacturer’s automated paint line capabilities? We’re glad you asked! Our automated paint line investments have resulted in:

  • Quality Improvements. Automated paint lines are more accurate and more precise than manual lines, leading to improved quality control.
  • Faster Paint Process. Robotics and automated processes are simply faster than manual processes. Automated paint processes are capable of handling highly repetitive tasks without any loss of speed or quality.
  • Cost Controls. Automated paint lines are a one-time investment that pays for itself. We can pass those cost savings on to our customers.
  • Reduced Waste. Automation improves painting accuracy, which means less wasted paint.
  • Quick Adjustments. It is a simple process to re-program an automated paint line to new painting parameters or to adjust the speed to account for increased volume.
  • Safer Working Conditions. Automated paint lines have helped prevent our staff from repetitive motion injuries and inhaled irritants, which is worth more to us than any costs associated with installing the robotic equipment.

Plastic Manufacturer Automated Paint Line Capabilities Best Practices

Automated paint lines are extremely helpful for many reasons, but they aren’t well-suited to every application. In general, automated paint lines are best suited for high-volume, labor-intensive painting. At Baytech Plastics, we consider all of the following when selecting projects for the automated paint line:

  • The parts being painted should be of similar size and shape.
  • Paint Process. By grouping projects that have similar painting needs, processes, or colors together, we can further streamline the painting timeline.
  • Labor Needs. Robotic paint lines are especially helpful for projects that require a lot of non-value-added labor such as paint prep and repositioning.
  • Paint jobs that require a high degree of precision are better suited for automated paint lines than manual painting.

Learn More About Baytech’s Paint Capabilities

Baytech Plastics offers comprehensive painting services to all of our customers. This value-added service saves our customers time and money and ensures your products are finished to Baytech’s high-quality standards. Learn more about our custom painting capabilities here or contact us at (705) 526-7801 or online.