Plastics Manufacturers Invest in Software Enhancements for Better Automation

When you think of plastics manufacturers, you probably think of assembly lines and large machines pushing out perfect plastic components day in and day out. While that certainly happens, it’s more of an intermediate step in the process than representative of the entire process itself. It takes a lot of planning and coordination to get plastic products to market, and production is just one step in that process. Plastics manufacturers may have built their business by investing in production machines, but we rely equally as much on administrative and back-office equipment and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to get the job done these days.

Software Solutions Support Business Operations

Computer software solutions are integral to our success at Baytech Plastics. Like just about any other business these days, we use computer software systems and solutions in our daily business operations – far removed from the manufacturing floor. We also utilize ERP systems to tie together all of the many different facets of plastics manufacturing. ERP software provides many of the same benefits to plastics manufacturers as it does to businesses in any other industry in the world: accounting, procurement, project management, inventory and supply chain management, logistics, etc. These support services ensure order accuracy, price stability, and product quality and ensure our high customer service standards are always met.

When these back-office systems work well together, they support production and automation improvements by ensuring designs are reviewed for accuracy and are on-spec, inventory numbers are current, raw materials are competitively sourced and available at the scheduled production time, and projects are fit into the production schedule according to the customer’s required timeline. Without appropriate software solutions, plastics manufacturers would have to rely on manual processes, which open the door to human error, delays, and unhappy customers.

Robotics Drives Automation For Plastics Manufacturers

Over the years, Baytech Plastics has invested in robotic systems and software to drive automation. Automated robotic processes provide many advantages. We can:

  • monitor operations and track inventory in real-time,
  • quickly adapt to consumer demands in this ever-changing industry,
  • operate our two manufacturing facilities at peak capacity,
  • produce accurate components for a wide range of markets, including: Automotive, Medical, Consumer Goods, Durable Goods, Electronic Enclosures, Telecommunications, and more,
  • offer cost-efficient production solutions, and
  • deliver consistently high-quality components efficiently and on-time.

Software solution updates and enhancements support these processes by improving the engineering and design process as well. The accuracy of molds and parts is enhanced, design quality is increased, and part accuracy is made tighter. All of these advancements help improve Baytech Plastics’ production process by identifying potential problems before production begins. Steps can be taken to mitigate those problems, and production is then less likely to experience delays, setbacks, or cost overruns due to late-stage changes or product quality concerns.

By doing all we can to leverage software solutions that better manage the production process on the front end, we are able to eliminate likely hiccups, speed up the actual production process, and maximize efficiencies that translate into cost savings for our customers. 

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