Quality Plastic Manufacturers Monitor Quality Of Production

Quality Assurance and Plastic Manufacturers

Quality plastic manufacturers utilize a variety of quality control strategies that guarantee high levels of customer satisfaction and eliminate costly mistakes for the manufacturer.

The goal of quality control is to monitor samples to assess whether certain critical measures are outside the bounds of tolerance, all while making sure production schedules move forward. Elements like color, texture, and size should be assessed to see if parameters like cavity pressure, injection time, injection speed, and cooling time need to be adjusted before all parts are molded.

Possible Defects

While quality plastic manufacturers pledge to maintain the highest level of integrity during production, the nature of injection molding is such that there are bound to be defects. Initial product runs should be monitored for defects such as:

  • Sink Marks – Indentations may appear if the outer wall of a part solidifies and compacts quickly while the inner layer is still hot and fluid.
  • Gas Marks – Injection molds must have air vents. If the vents aren’t at the correct depth, air cannot exit properly when the plastic is shot into the cavity, resulting in burn marks.
  • Flashes – A flash is a thin protrusion of plastic that leaks out of a mold if the two sides do not come together tightly enough.
  • Short Shots – An injection mold won’t fill properly if too little plastic is injected.
  • Weld Lines – Weld lines occur where plastic flows around a hole in a part and create weak spots.
  • Splays – Splays are surface blemishes that result from bubbles that trapped air inside the plastic at some point during the injection process.

Quality Control Measures Used by Manufacturers

Establishing tolerances for set-points is critical for quality plastic manufacturers. Modern machinery makes it possible to establish and monitor mathematical parameters like fill speed, pack time, and pressure so that defects can be minimized and eliminated.

While presses can deliver real-time data about production time, scrap, rejects, and parts created, there is no substitute for a highly-trained staff with a critical eye on behalf of the customer. Initial articles produced from the injection mold needs to be inspected in fine detail to make sure that every component of the initial engineering is coming to fruition properly. Adjustments to the mold should be made, and subsequent runs of the part should be inspected again. Finally, finished goods must be properly stored and contained.

A clean assembly environment is most essential for all of these processes. Facilities need to be equipped with sufficient lighting and space, need to have clearly-established contaminant handling procedures, and need to be regularly cleaned and maintained.

Baytech Plastics Leads Ontario’s Quality Plastic Manufacturers

Customers deserve flawless final products and should be informed of any quality control issues discovered during production and notified of how we are correcting any issues that have been detected.

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