Reduce Production Costs With Custom Electronic Enclosure Manufacturing at Baytech Plastics

Electronic Enclosure Manufacturing

Custom is a word not usually associated with reduced costs, but at Baytech Plastics, it’s possible to reduce your electronic enclosure manufacturing costs and still obtain a custom solution. The reason for this is due to our integrated approach to electronic enclosure manufacturing.

We have consolidated several services and steps of the electronic enclosure production process into our service offerings to provide our customers with a single-source solution for their electronic enclosure manufacturing needs.

Comprehensive Services For Electronic Enclosures

Baytech Plastics is dedicated to making the plastics manufacturing process simpler for our customers. We have spent the last seven decades expanding our capabilities and consolidating services that cover every step of the plastics manufacturing process under one roof. We know that working with fewer vendors, suppliers, and partners improves communication and streamlines the production process to save time and money, even on custom projects.

We take the same approach in all of our market segments: to ease our customers’ burdens by being the only plastics manufacturing solution they need. When it comes to electronic enclosure manufacturing, we offer:

  • Design and engineering services
  • Prototyping
  • Tooling
  • Resin selection
  • Materials sourcing
  • Production and sub-assembly
  • Custom paint and finishing
  • Testing UL CSA
  • FMEA
  • RFI/EMI Shielding
  • Logistics and delivery
  • Complete project management
  • Continuous improvement philosophy


By providing all of these services under one roof, customers can save on pre-production, tooling, and finishing costs while also ensuring the product can be manufactured by us. One of the primary reasons for production delays and cost overruns has to do with third-party designs not meeting the manufacturers’ production parameters. When Baytech is your partner, you will never have to worry about these surprises and setbacks because we are able to design your product to your specifications and our capabilities from the very start.

Advantages of Injection Molding for Electronic Enclosures

Electronic enclosures make ideal candidates for the injection molding process because they usually require high volume runs and are fairly simple products with little to no finishing required. Injection molded plastics are versatile. The sheer variety of plastics and resins that are available for injection molding means we can produce solutions for many different types and kinds of products.

Electronic enclosures housing examples can include:

  • Computers and electronic devices
  • Gaming controllers
  • Remotes
  • Automotive electronics enclosures
  • Keys and sensors
  • Displays
  • Toys
Save Time and Money on Electronic Enclosure Manufacturing at Baytech Plastics

If you have struggled to contain costs and effectively manage the design and production process of electronic enclosures in the past, it’s time to contact Baytech Plastics. Our comprehensive electronic enclosure manufacturing services will streamline the process to ease your struggles while still meeting your budget. We work closely with all of our customers, providing personalized service to design and produce new and existing products for their customers. We would love to help you with your next electronics enclosure project.

Call the Baytech Plastics team at (705) 526-7801 or contact us online to discuss your next project.