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Choosing The Right Manufacturing Engineering Services For Your Next Project

What makes a good business partnership? This is a question that should be asked every time you are considering a business arrangement. When it comes to manufacturing engineering services, the answer to this question can mean the difference between the success or failure of your own business. You depend on manufacturers to supply the parts you need to create your own products. If the manufacturer fails to deliver or provides you with an inferior product, it could translate into lost business for you.

But how can you tell if the provider you’re considering will meet your needs? What do you need to look for when choosing manufacturing engineering services for your next project?

Take Stock Of Your Needs And Expectations

As in any business transaction, it’s important to first determine your own needs and expectations for the project. Having this information on hand can make it easier to find the right provider for your project.

  • Budget – Can you afford this manufacturer? Will they work with you to meet your budget? Can they identify cost-savings for you?
  • Your Own Knowledge and Comfort Level – How familiar are you with your project needs? Do you need to meet with engineers to develop the product from scratch or do you have a design ready to go and just need someone to actually create it for you?
  • Define Your Expectations – Discuss ahead of time with your supplier what your expectations are for service and support before, during and after the order has been fulfilled. Clear expectations can save time and money down the road and make everyone’s experience go more smoothly.

Evaluating The Manufacturing Engineering Services’ Capabilities

The field of manufacturing engineering encompasses many disciplines but in the end, they all have one thing in common: turning raw materials into a new product. The company you choose to partner with must have the staff, systems, tools and equipment needed to produce the products you need.

  • Experience – Does the manufacturer have the experience you need? Consider how long they’ve been in business. Maybe you don’t need the top expert in the field, but you at least want a company that has some history of providing the type of products you need.
  • Staffing and Equipment – How well-trained is their staff? What is their turnaround time? What quantities are they capable of producing? Some facilities operate 24/7 ensuring rapid turnaround time on orders. What kind of equipment do they use? Newer technology often results in an improvement in the products or production, which benefits you directly.
  • Location – Consider where the facility is located. A manufacturing facility that is located nearby will save you money on transportation and delivery costs as opposed to one that is located across the country or even overseas. You might also want to ask where they receive their supplies or raw materials. Sources that are located close to the manufacturing plant can save time and money for everyone.
  • Order Process – What is their order process like? Do you meet with engineers to develop a design? What happens once you’ve agreed on a design? Will you receive a prototype to evaluate before final production begins?
  • Service and Support – What kind of support and customer service can you expect after you’ve received your product? What is their satisfaction guarantee? What do you do if there is a problem with your order?

These are a few important considerations when choosing a manufacturing engineering service. Sometimes you need to look beyond the bid price to find the right company for the job. If you don’t you may find that you’ve wasted time and money by trying to get the best deal instead of the best product.

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