Save Time and Money With Help From a North American Plastic Modular Assembly Manufacturer

Modular assembly is a plastics manufacturing technique that saves companies time and money. As a North American plastic modular assembly manufacturer, Baytech Plastics helps our customers determine when it is appropriate to utilize this technique, based on project requirements and objectives. Beyond the time and cost savings, there are several other advantages to this processing technique that may make modular assembly the right choice for your next plastics manufacturing project.

What is Plastic Modular Assembly?

Plastic modular assembly follows the same concept as modular assembly techniques you may be familiar with in other industries. Under a modular assembly approach, individual parts and components are produced and assembled into “modules”, or parts of a product, instead of the entire product. Once those modules are produced, they are later assembled to create the complete, final product. This assembly may occur at the plastics manufacturing facility or the module components may be packaged and shipped to a different location where assembly takes place. Plastic modular assembly is particularly helpful when plastic and non-plastic components are required for a product or when the final assembled product would be awkward or cost-prohibitive to ship in its final form.

Benefits to Customers

Plastic modular assembly helps businesses maintain a competitive advantage by reducing costs, improving or maintaining product quality, and enhancing production efficiencies.

  • Reduced costs. Cost savings are realized through weight reduction, reduced production complexities, and packaging and shipping savings. Plastic components weigh less than components made of metal and similar materials, resulting in reduced shipping weight costs. Plastic resins also cost less per pound than many metals, reducing the cost of raw materials. By producing modular components, pieces can be produced in sizes and shapes that are most conducive to shipping, which helps drive down shipping costs as well. Plastic is an enormously forgiving and versatile material, making plastic parts easier to manipulate and produce than comparable metal parts.
  • Improved product quality. Smaller parts allow greater control over product details and materials quality. Customers may choose to use upgraded or specialty materials in certain modules to support greater product quality where it matters whether that is in terms of aesthetics, strength, or function.
  • Production efficiencies. It is generally much more efficient to produce the same, simple component in mass quantities than it is to produce a more complex part. Companies can experience enormous time savings by running different parts and components separately and then assembling them afterward than investing in a more complex part that requires greater engineering and takes longer to produce as one piece.

Baytech Plastics’ Expertise as a North American Plastic Modular Assembly Manufacturer

Baytech Plastics is a North American plastic modular assembly manufacturer with decades of experience in a range of industries. We have helped our customers trim costs, improve product quality, and create solutions that drive their business forward. Our solutions have been used in large products like automobiles as well as small products such as electronic enclosures and business machines. No matter the size of the product, each project receives our signature full-service customer-oriented approach. We work with our customers to identify and deliver solutions that drive efficiencies and support business goals.

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