Business Partnerships

Fast Market Entry at Lowest Possible Cost

Baytech Plastics has over the years entered into many different styles of business partnerships for a number of customers, whether OEM’s needing complex assemblies or distributors needing full contract manufacturing.

Partnerships vary in length of time, specific timelines, product life cycle and market conditions.

The partnerships may differ in duration and contract terms but the goal is always the same; together let’s get a product into the market place as fast as possible at the lowest possible total cost. The partnerships allow parties to focus on their core business. The partnership draws out the key strengths in the participating companies. We work to get the best from our wide experience with designs, resins, tooling, automation, specialty equipment and logistics.

Baytech Plastics entered into a partnership arrangement with a major OEM to develop a product line of water filtration components. We co-developed design, completed tooling and all related assembly equipment. We worked through material options to get the best performance at the lowest cost.

Once the tooling was completed and approved for production the Baytech engineers stay with the program to optimize the assembly cell to investigate further improvements. We continue to work with all the partners to identify future cost improvements, maximize efficiencies and keep an eye on changing market conditions (the competition).

Partnerships come in many different formats with different players, different expectations and requirements. The common thread is all parties expect the best from each other and that is accomplished by treating each other with respect and fairness. The result is a win/win relationship where the risks and rewards are shared.