Take Advantage of Baytech’s DFA and Modular Assembly Services to Improve Products and Speed Producti

Plastics Modular Assembly Services

At Baytech Plastics, we pride ourselves on our responsive customer service and the partnership approach that we cultivate with all of our customers. By working closely with our customers, we can tackle challenges head-on, adjust designs, plans, and processes before too much time or money is invested, ensuring the production of the best possible plastic parts and components.

Two ways that our full-service approach supports our customers come down to our professional design services and modular assembly capabilities. By combining our knowledge of design for assembly (DFA) with our modular assembly manufacturing services, we can eliminate many of the roadblocks companies face when they presented completed designs to parts manufacturers’. Products can be produced more quickly and at less cost than would be otherwise possible.

How Design for Assembly Supports Modular Assembly

The design of a product is directly tied to production costs and production speed. We see it as our job to help our customers design exceptional products of high quality and get them to market quickly. Our design for assembly and modular assembly services help us achieve those goals.

Design for assembly is a special design service offered by Baytech Plastics. Our engineers and product designers work with our customers’ own internal teams to design products that not only meet the customer’s product goals, but also look ahead to the production process to identify designs that will speed up the production process. Fewer parts, for example, will result in a product taking less time to assembly, lower material costs, and getting to market faster. The shape, design, and polymer choice can also play a role in how quickly parts can be assembled, so we always make sure to take a look at those design options too.

All the while, our designers and engineers will take into account how the product will actually get produced. How can the process be sped up? How can we ensure product uniformity and integrity? Where will the product be assembled? Modular assembly addresses all of these questions.

Modular assembly processes allow us to segregate component production by function, color, size, material, etc. Hundreds or thousands of the exact same product can be produced by our facilities. Once that’s complete, we can work on producing the next component, whether that is assembling a part or product or producing the next piece of the final product. When all of the necessary pieces are ready, they can be assembled by us or shipped back to the customer for assembly at another location.

Thanks to our collaborative approach and all the planning work put in upfront, we know the final product will meet our customers’ needs and can be assembled perfectly every time.

Is Modular Assembly Right For Your Business?

Can Baytech Plastics’ DFA and modular assembly services help you streamline processes, improve products, and better manage your production demands? Yes! Contact our team to discuss your project needs and learn more about how our services and approach can benefit your business.

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