Telecommunications Equipment Manufactures

Baytech Plastics continues to be a key supplier in the marketplace. We have a strong history with many of OEM’s. Our extensive depth in design engineering, prototyping, tooling, production components and modular assemblies have facilitated continued growth in this sector.

We have strength and expertise in structural foam molding and gas assist molding utilizing many different resins for this market. We work alongside our customers early in the project to eliminate cost by consolidating parts where possible and design for ease of assembly. Injection molded plastics for the telecommunications equipment manufacturers, business machine, and medical device enclosures markets usually require secondary operations. We offer custom CNC machining of plastic molded parts to allow our customer more flexibility in their offerings to their market by customizing existing product into a very specific product that better suits a particular application.

The first step after moulding is painting on a variety of paint options to protect from the elements or to provide aesthetically pleasing surface to meet individual customer requirements. In many cases we also coat the interior of the part with nickel or copper acrylic paint to provide RMI/EMI shielding for the reduction of electronic interference.

Modular assembly typically includes the sourcing and integration of many different components such as metal stampings, sheet metal, various fasteners, gasket materials, tempered glass, wiring and electronic components. All the components are smoothly incorporated into very high build levels in our flexible manufacturing operation.

We offer custom color paint systems that allow for any one of 1200 different colors to be custom painted and shipped worldwide within a 48 hour window.

Specialized packaging in many cases is recognized as a specific requirement for specialty or unique parts for custom customer orders, Baytech Plastics handles these requests in the same expeditious manner as regular production parts right down to handling all logistical issues and all the paperwork required to ensure on time delivery worldwide.

We continue to pursue new business opportunities were a good fit exists between our customer changing needs and our ability to adapt and evolve a faster pace.

Major global telecommunication equipment manufacturers know Baytech Plastics.