The Benefits Of Hiring Full Service Plastics Manufacturing Companies In North America

Considerations When Outsourcing

There are a myriad of things to consider when you develop an injection-molding project. You may be tempted to manufacture overseas, but there are many more options than you might think when you consider hiring a full service plastics manufacturing company in North America. Product developers may be pleasantly surprised at the wide array of choices available locally.

Full service plastics manufacturing companies in North America have the benefit of the latest in technological advancements, which could result in a cleaner, faster run with fewer errors. This may not be apparent in the initial bill, but time and efficiency are money. The faster and more efficient your project, the more money you’ll save in the long run. If you hire a full service plastics manufacturing company in North America, you also have the benefit of playing a more hands-on roll in the production, so there is inevitably going to be less error.

You also don’t have to worry about shipping bad parts, or whether or not you’re going to actually receive the mold you paid for. And you’re far less likely to have to switch manufacturers mid-run because of errors or miscommunications.

Here Are 4 Benefits Of Hiring A Full Service Plastics Manufacturing Company In North America

Benefit 1: Better Quality, All The Time, Every Time

Of course there are quality plastics manufacturers overseas, but your chances of finding that manufacturer are far less if you outsource overseas. Your full service plastics manufacturing companies in North America are more accessible to your company for one simple reason: you are far more likely to visit a facility in Ontario than you would overseas. The ability to visit and develop a relationship with your manufacturer helps your project to run more smoothly.

Plus, local companies not only guarantee quality, they offer benefits like NSF international approved facilities, insured quality and workmanship, plus many value added services. Also, full service plastics manufacturing companies in North America have more rigorous safety and quality standards than anywhere else on the globe.

Benefit 2: The Molds You Design Are Unequivocally Yours

In North America, manufacturers cannot claim ownership of the molds produced in a particular project. So, there is no fighting over who owns the rights to the mold itself and to the intellectual property of the design.

Benefit 3: Access To Premier, State Of The Art Technology

North American manufacturers have access to more advanced injection molding technology. There are certainly technological advances overseas, but much of the advancements often begin in North America. So, while you may have access to advanced technology if you outsource overseas, you’re not taking advantage of the premier technology at its origin. And fortunately, that origin is right in your back yard, North America.

Benefit 4: It Isn’t That Much Cheaper To Outsource Overseas Anymore

The raw ingredients that produce plastic is the least expensive they’ve ever been in North America, plus the labor market is changing. Labor costs are rapidly increasing which, coupled with the cost of transporting your injection molded plastics to your facility or your clients facility, makes outsourcing manufacturing jobs overseas no longer an economically viable choice.

Baytech Plastics Has Been Serving North America For Over 70 Years

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