The Don’ts Of Ontario Injection Molding Design

Injection Molding Manufacturing Information

Ontario injection molding design delivers a seamless process, efficiency, and cost savings. Still, business owners need to come into the process ready to maximize results. Failing to adequately plan can cause delays and distortions in the design as well as frustrate all parties involved.

Avoid the “don’ts” of Ontario injection molding design. Enter the process as a partner with your manufacturer knowing a few critical (yet common) mistakes to avoid. When moving forward with your production, don’t:

Forget That A Sketch Isn’t Enough

Even the most detailed drawing ever may not prove sufficient for your manufacturer to replicate. Partnering with your production team means understanding that your design has to work with their capabilities. A quality provider will give you an outline of what’s needed in the designing process to make your concept a reality.

Overlook The Influence Of Iterations

Keep the door open to suggestions as your work through your design. What seems great on paper may prove less than ideal as its manufactured. Allowing for flexibility on your idea throughout an iterative process can actually improve the piece and the entire project.

Ignore The Power Of Prototyping

Prototyping your component yields a host of significant benefits. It’s a great way for your manufacturing team to get a real life look at what you’re hoping to achieve. Additionally, a prototype gives everyone an opportunity to test the quality on a particular piece and make modifications as needed (see iterative process mentioned above). Begin with a prototype to jumpstart the entire build.

Discount The Draft Process

By definition, draft is a conscious effort in design that makes the pieces easier to remove from the cast. Including draft in your Ontario injection molding design reduces the likelihood of damage to pieces and also significantly saves both time and money throughout the production cycle.

Fail To Consider Costs

Project costs are always a major consideration for business owners. Oftentimes, these leaders move forward without having a full understanding of the expense associated with the entire manufacturing cycle. Discuss various costs in materials, molds, and methods with your manufacturer to keep a steady focus on the expenses.

Use The Wrong Materials

Access to an extensive list of materials is one of the many benefits offered by injection molding. Don’t fail to take advantage of that. Consider the purpose and requirements of the piece. Determine other factors such as durability, versatility, strength and other important determinants. Have a firm understanding of how the component should perform so you can select an optimal material for production.

Assume Only One Approach Will Work

In addition to a wide range of available materials, plastic injection molding provides manufacturers with a range of comprehensive methods. Don’t force fit your production; instead, consider approaches such as over-molding, insert molding, rotating platen injection and more to get the most precise process possible.

Partner With An Inexperienced Provider

Perhaps the biggest “don’t” in any production cycle process is entrusting your business to an inexperienced provider. At Baytech Plastics, we provide top quality Ontario injection molding designs for production jobs of every size and scope. Contact our team today to hear more about our customized approach