The Ins and Outs Of Baytech’s Business Machine Contract Manufacturing Services

Plastic Business Machine Manufacturing

Plastic parts and components are found in every aspect of our lives and that includes business machines. Computers, copiers, printers, ATM machines, specialty devices and equipment…the list of business machines that are made of plastic or contain plastic parts or components goes on and on.

Baytech Plastics’ business machine contract manufacturing services are the perfect solution for getting those products to market. We have over seven decades of experience producing and delivering plastic business machine components to companies around the world. Our services start at whatever stage of the process the customer needs. That could be the concept and design stage, the engineering and prototyping stage, or simply the manufacturing and production stage. Whatever the need, we are willing, ready, and able to help our clients create the products they need to move their own businesses forward.

Full-Service Custom Contract Manufacturing In Canada

Baytech Plastics operates two ISO 9001 registered manufacturing facilities in Ontario. These NSF-approved facilities are equipped with the latest technologies, including more than 30 molding machines and finishing solutions to deliver top-quality custom-molded business machines and business machine components to our clients.

Our experience spans the breadth of plastics manufacturing to include the use of modern plastics and plastic polymers, resins, including glass-filled and clear materials, and structural foam resins. Beyond the exteriors of plastic molder business machines, we also help our clients create the internal components they need, including complex electrical assemblies, wiring and metal stamping.

Not sure what the best material is for your project? Haven’t quite got the design right? No problem! Our engineering and design team will work closely with you to choose the best raw materials for your project and ensure your design is perfect. Our goal is to help your business be a success by providing you with the best quality business machine contract manufacturing services in Canada all at a price you can afford!

Did we mention our finishing services? When we say full-service we mean full-service. Once your business machine product has been manufactured by us, we can help finish the products too with custom printing, pad printing, or laser etching. We even offer custom packaging services, global logistics services, and low-volume runs.

There is no easier way to bring your plastic business machine products to market than to partner with Baytech Plastics!

Professional Business Machine Contract Manufacturing Is A Phone Call Away

If you need a proven professional business machine contract manufacturer to help you advance your business goals, contact Baytech Plastics. We can step in to assist you at any stage of the concept, design, or production process to help you get there. We have partnered with business large and small all over the world to produce business machines for a variety of industries, we’d love to see what we can do for you!

To learn more about our full-service business machine contract manufacturing capabilities, visit or call (705) 526-7801.