The Medical Device Partner You Need

Expertise to Both Develop and Manufacture Required Parts

Medical device manufacturing is subject to strict quality controls and precision. Even the slightest miscalculation could be disastrous for the final product and a lack of quality controls could result in being barred from producing the device at all.

People are often surprised when they discover that the vast majority of medical device companies are very small or haven’t been in business very long. This small size, lack of business history, and stringent requirements mean medical device manufacturers can’t do everything on their own. In situations like this it’s not uncommon for medical device manufacturing companies to enter into business partnerships to fulfill part of their manufacturing process.

Baytech Plastics is one of those partners. We supply and support medical device manufacturers by providing custom plastic components for their devices. Our services save manufacturers time and money by providing them with quality products that they can be confident will meet regulatory requirements and device needs.

A True Partnership Approach

Baytech Plastics doesn’t just supply medical device manufacturers with the components they need. We take a true partnership approach to medical device manufacturing, often helping to develop the processes and custom components used in the device, not simply manufacturing those pieces.

We provide our partners with a skilled workforce, support, and reliability 24/7. We work with our customers to the point of using their custom MRP systems to create our contribution to the device. With Baytech Plastics as your partner, you can expect:

  • Collaboration – We support collaboration across departments within Baytech and between Baytech and our customers. We believe that cross-functional teams and a collaborative development process are crucial to the design and manufacture of medical devices. In some cases, you might even see us helping to staff a customer’s booth at a trade show event! That’s the level of collaboration you can expect from us.
  • Communication – Open communication is a must in any manufacturing partnership. By keeping the lines of communication open we can improve and expand on processes or prevent mistakes that cost time and money. We are always seeking ways to create a better fit between our customers and ourselves.
  • Protection – We understand the need for confidentiality in the medical device industry. To protect your work, we strictly guard intellectual property and limit access to facilities. Your industry secrets are safe with us.
  • Innovation – As a medical device manufacturer, you’re on the cutting edge of new technologies, shouldn’t your suppliers be equally as committed to innovation? Not only do we stay current with our own industry trends, we stay current with yours too! You’ll see Baytech at trade shows across all types of industries so we can follow the trends affecting our partners’ businesses.

As your manufacturing partner we can manage as little or as much of the process as you need. This approach is extremely helpful for smaller companies who don’t have the staff size to effectively manage everything in-house. But larger companies benefit also by outsourcing individual components to us so their own staff can focus on R&D or core business functions. In either situation, you benefit from our expertise!

Contact Baytech Plastics To Learn More About Our Medical Device Manufacturing Capabilities

Baytech Plastics has partnered with medical device companies on everything from design and prototyping to manufacturing, testing, and overall program management. Our partnerships range from single solutions to long-term contract manufacturing. If you are interested in learning more about our medical device manufacturing capabilities, contact us online or call us at (705) 526-7801 to discuss your project or schedule a visit to our facility.