The “Whats and Whys” About Injection Molding Manufacturing

Many of today’s most recognizable, taken-for-granted products are thanks to injection molding manufacturing. Chances are you have several items in your house that were made using injection molding processes: recycling and trash bins, electrical housings for remotes and game systems, plastic bottles, toys, even PVC pipes. Look in your car, and you’ll find even more evidence of injection molding. Bumpers, cup holders, dashboards, and more are all made using injection molding processes. We can continue this for nearly every industry: medical and healthcare, home and personal items, automotive and aerospace, outdoors, and consumer goods.

The reason why injection molding manufacturing is so widespread comes down to speed and repeatability.

The Whats Of Injection Molding Manufacturing

What is injection molding manufacturing? It’s a manufacturing process that utilizes plastics and plastic resins to mass-produce products, parts, and components in an efficient and cost-effective manner. It is best used in applications that require the same piece to be produced thousands or millions of times in rapid succession. The most recognizable example of a plastic injection molded product made at volume may be Legos. These seemingly simple bricks must be produced by the millions in the right color, shape, and size every single time. The only way to do that effectively and accurately is through injection molding manufacturing.

The Whys of Injection Molding Manufacturing

Why would a business need to rely on injection molding manufacturing? Cost savings, speed, and repeatability are three of the primary advantages of this manufacturing technique. Once the initial cost of mold design and engineering is complete, it is very affordable to produce products over and over again to the same specs and quality outcomes. You always know what you’re going to get at the end of a run and approximately how long it will take to manufacture the pieces. This makes it easier to manage the production and logistics of bringing a product to market while also saving time and money in the long run.

Is Injection Molding Right For Your Business?

  1. Do you need a lot of pieces? Injection molding is best used in applications where you’ll need the same piece produced over and over and over again – into the thousands or higher. The more parts that are produced, the more cost-effective the process.
  2. Can you afford the upfront investment? Before a part can be produced, it must go through rigorous engineering, design, and prototyping to make it feasible. You’ll also need to invest in the actual mold used to create the product. This is the most expensive part of the process and, unfortunately, requires investment before you have anything to show for it.
  3. Is the design suitable for injection molding? Injection molding manufacturing is just one of many different plastics manufacturing processes. The most suitable designs are simple with few parts and little to no finishing or assembly needs. These design characteristics speed up production, which means you can get more products out the door faster. Joints, brackets, and housings are all examples of products that are well-suited for injection molding processes.

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