Trust Baytech Plastics for Plastic Injection Molding and Assembly in Canada

If you need plastic injection molding and assembly in Canada, look no further than Baytech Plastics. We are one of the country’s most trusted manufacturers of plastic injection molded parts and products, working with clients locally and around the world. Our business approach is to be your one-stop shop for both injection molding and assembly. This approach provides quantifiable benefits such as streamlined production timelines, reduced costs, and faster time to market. But the intangibles are important too.

We can’t put a number on how our full-service, partnership approach will make your team breathe a sigh of relief or how our in-depth knowledge of the many different types of molding processes, resins, and design best practices make projects proceed with ease, even when hiccups occur. It is actually that deep experience that enables us to maneuver around the unexpected and keep projects on track. There is very little we haven’t seen in our 70+ years in business and we have assembled the best injection molding teams in Canada to troubleshoot when challenges arise.

Below are 4 specific reasons why Baytech is the best choice for plastic injection molding and assembly in Canada.

Reasons You’ll Never Regret Working With Baytech Plastics

  1. Extensive Capabilities. Our capabilities are extensive. 70+ years in business, two 24/7 ISO 9001 registered manufacturing plants, technology investments, and our highly skilled production technicians are at your disposal. There is very little we can’t do. We have a wide variety of injection molding machines ranging from 30-2600 tons, a full paint facility, multiple methods of assembly, including robotics, and can even handle packaging, shipping, and logistics.
  1. Local Facilities. We are located in Ontario, Canada which means your product will never be caught up in overseas shipping delays. We rely on a large network of suppliers for raw materials. Our multiple lines of access to the materials we need around the world reduce some of the most frustrating supply chain issues we have witnessed in recent years. But regardless of where the raw materials come from, you can rest easy knowing the actual plastic injection molding and assembly is in Canada.
  1. Full-Service Support. We think of our service as “concept to completion” meaning that Baytech will be there to assist, advise, and guide you through your project as much as we will be there to produce the injection-molded products. Every project is spearheaded by a dedicated Project Engineer who will be your point of contact from start to finish. Our dedicated project management approach improves communication, provides expert oversight throughout the project, and supports best practices to deliver projects on time and on budget.
  1. Expertise and Longevity. Baytech Plastics has been part of the injection molding industry since 1946. Our longevity is proof of the quality of our work and the expertise we offer to our clients. It is our commitment to continuous improvement that allows us to always provide exactly what our customers need. We are always advancing the industry, investing in new technologies, and pushing the envelope so that when our customers need the latest injection molding techniques to create their products, we are ready.

Contact Baytech Plastics for Plastic Injection Molding and Assembly in Canada

Baytech Plastics has the capabilities, experience and expertise, and customer service approach businesses need in a manufacturing partner. Contact us for plastic injection molding and assembly in Canada by calling (705) 526-7801 or contacting us online.