Versatility is One of the Biggest Benefits of Custom Plastic Components

Custom plastic components can fulfill a variety of needs from the smallest of components to the largest of products. This is thanks, in many ways, to the versatility of both plastic materials and the injection molding process.

Repeatable Processes, Durable Molds, and Plastics Variety

Plastic injection molding makes it possible to produce hundreds and even thousands of custom plastic components time and time again. Injection molding requires a durable mold into which melted plastic resins are injected, formed, and released to produce plastic components. Creating just one custom mold can yield affordable high-volume production runs of even the most intricate of parts and products.

Even better, depending on the type of plastic used in production, it is possible for the same mold to be used to produce custom plastic components of different material characteristics. This type of versatility gives the plastic injection molding process a distinct advantage over metal fabrication. Other advantages include:

  • Injection molding process makes it easy to form a variety of shapes, thicknesses, etc.
  • Color variability
  • Little to no finishing required
  • Lightweight, yet strong and durable material
  • Resistance to corrosion and chemicals
  • Quick production time

Materials Suitable For Custom Plastic Components

Baytech Plastics works with a variety of plastic resins and has a global sourcing network of trusted suppliers to ensure the best raw materials costs possible. We specialize in custom plastic components made from:

  • HDPE is a good choice for products needing high strength-to-weight ratios and chemical resistance. This material is very commonly used to make outdoor products and piping as well as food and beverage containers.
  • Nylon has high tensile strength and elasticity, is chemically resistant, and resists abrasion making it a popular material choice for products that need stability, rigidity, and high mechanical strength.
  • This transparent thermoplastic is impact-resistant and is often used in the medical device and automotive industries, as well as for windows and light fixtures.
  • This highly chemically resistant material is tough, elastic, and insulative, making it suitable for a variety of electronic components and products.
  • Glass Filled Resins. Glass-filled resins are thermoplastic materials that have been supplemented with tiny glass shards to increase the material’s strength, durability, and impact resistance. An excellent choice for simple shapes that need to support the weight.

Ask Baytech to Learn More About the Advantages of Plastic Components

If you have never considered plastic components as an alternative to metal components, contact Baytech Plastics. We would be happy to discuss the suitability and advantages of custom plastic components for your next project. Some of the factors we will take into consideration as we help you choose which plastic resins to use in your project include: resistance to wear, desired strength of the final product, heat and/or UV resistance, and final weight of the component or product.

Our team is here to help you at every step of your project! Count on us to help you design your product molds, find the right material for your custom plastic components, develop prototypes, produce, finish, assemble, and even deliver your latest products!

Call the Baytech Plastics team at (705) 526-7801 or contact us online to get started.