What Are Some Common Industries Using Plastic Injection Molding Services?

Plastic injection molding is an incredibly diverse manufacturing technique that is used in a wide variety of industries and product applications. This technique is valued over other methods for its efficiency, cost-effectiveness, replicability, and customization options. It is unique in that the more parts produced, the more cost-effective the technique becomes. This makes it an incredibly popular production method for major industries.

5 Common Industries Using Plastic Injection Molding Services

Common industries using Baytech Plastic’s plastic injection molding services are: Automotive, Business Machines, Consumer Goods, Electronic Enclosures and Medical Devices.

  1. Plastic injection molding is crucial to meeting demand, containing costs, and keeping production levels on course in the automotive industry. The production methods used to produce parts inside and outside vehicles from dashboards, cupholders and handles to body panels, brake pads, bumpers, and even electronic enclosures. Plastic injection molding ensures quality is consistent across production runs and each part is uniform. The fact that the components are made of plastic means parts won’t rust and helps reduce overall vehicle weight, which has been instrumental in improving fuel efficiency over the years.
  1. Business Machines. Many of today’s business machines are made of plastic or have plastic components. Casings for computers, copiers, printers, ATMs, cash registers are more are all made from plastic resins. The fact that so many different resins can be used in plastic injection molding is one reason why it is so popular as a business machine production method. Extremely durable resins can be used just as easily as more flexible plastic resins, providing exceptional versatility in application uses.
  1. Consumer Goods. Consumer products are one of the most widely recognizable applications for plastic injection molding. If you’re a parent, toys are probably the first thing that springs to mind. But the method goes beyond that where it is used to create everyday household items like furniture and appliances, décor items, and electronics. Even smaller items like plastic plates and cups and toothbrushes can be produced using this method. Products are easily replicable, durable, and easy to clean, but plastic injection molding also makes it possible to create products in different colors and textures, add designs and finishing options for unique looks that are cost-effective to produce in mass quantities.
  1. Electronic Enclosures. Another of the increasingly common industries using plastic injection molding services are the telecommunications and electronics industries. All of the wires and circuits that we rely on for day-to-day communications need to be protected from the elements in non-reactive, non-conductive housings. Plastic fills this role perfectly. Add in the ability to be mass-produced and at speed and it is easy to see why electronics manufacturers rely on plastic injecting molding. The process is used to create cell phone casings and cases, telecom equipment, routers, televisions and computers. Specialty antistatic plastic resins can even be used to protect sensitive electronics.
  1. Medical Devices. There are literally thousands of applications for plastic injection molding in the medical industry. These products need to be manufactured to exacting standards and often in enormous quantities and sometimes with short lead times which makes plastic injection molding an ideal production technique.

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