What Does a Complete Canadian Injection Molding Facility Look Like? It Looks Like Baytech Plastics

Baytech Plastics is a complete Canadian injection molding facility located in Ontario. Our two plastics manufacturing plants make it possible for us to meet the needs of clients around the world and from a range of industries and markets.

Our industry-specific expertise includes: Automotive, Consumer Goods, Contract Manufacturing, Durable Goods, Electronics, Business Machines, Medical Devices, and Outdoor Products. We are proud to count as customers some of the most recognizable names in their industries. This broad expertise has allowed us to learn and innovate across industries, products, and countries to cultivate the best practices approach that we utilize across our organization for the benefit of our business and our customers’ businesses.

Two Plastics Manufacturing Facilities in Ontario

Baytech operates two plastics manufacturing plants in Ontario. These facilities run three shifts and are fully equipped with the latest injection molding equipment as well as finishing equipment, tooling, and assembly equipment for an all-in-one solution and complete Canadian injection molding facility solution.

Between those two facilities, we have over 30 machines with capacities ranging from 40 to 2600 tons. Specific to plastic injection molding, our capabilities include: gas-assisted, small machine, large machine, structural foam, and thermoplastic methods.

What do we mean by saying we are a “complete” injection molding facility? It means we do more than just injection molding. We also do insert molding, overmolding, ultrasonic welding, heat stake and chemical bonding processes. We make use of robotics and computerized production systems to drive efficiencies.

Take Advantage of Our Pre- and Post-Production Services

Our pre-production and post-production services mean our customers never have to seek out yet another vendor or supplier to get their products to market. We have CAD engineers on staff who work directly with our customers’ internal teams to design products, create prototypes, and test those prototypes well before a production run begins.

After production, customer products remain in our trusted hands for painting, finishing and assembly work including silk screening, spray painting, and offset printing. CNC machining, ultrasonic welding, milling, grinding, coating, and polishing services are all available too.

With just one call, you can do it all! Baytech Plastics has purposely built our business to be a comprehensive resource for plastics manufacturing in Canada so you don’t have to search high and low for additional partners.

Get in Touch with Our Complete Canadian Injection Molding Facility

If you are tired of an injection molding process that is piecemeal, needing to rely on different vendors for different parts of the project, and are ready to consolidate all of those services under one roof, it’s time to call Baytech Plastics.

Our complete Canadian injection molding facility is the total solution you need to get products to market faster and more efficiently. Trust in our expertise and take advantage of our longevity as a Canadian plastics manufacturer to get your products into the hands of your customers quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Learn more about our capabilities and services by calling us at (705) 526-7801 or contacting us online.