What Does It Mean To Be A Customer Focused Plastics Contract Manufacturer?

An Reliable Extension of Your Business

Customer focused. It’s a word that you’ll find embedded in the marketing materials of just about any business in any industry? But what does that phrase mean in the world of plastics contract manufacturing?

At Baytech Plastics, it goes deeper than simply meeting the customer’s project expectations. Being a customer focused plastics contract manufacturer means providing a human connection between our company and yours. It means providing the kind of exceptional service that results in a strong, ongoing business relationship. It means developing such a deep understanding of your business that we are seen as part of your team, able to be called upon to brainstorm, troubleshoot, and innovate to push your business forward.

The Human Touch

Technology has made it easier than ever to keep in touch with one another, but we still believe in the power of the human connection. Digital messaging and online order systems are great for quick communications and simplifying order placement, but they do have their drawbacks. There’s a much greater chance of missed communications and misunderstandings, for one.

Deep customer connections can’t be made without establishing a real, person-to-person relationship and that is something that we won’t compromise on at Baytech Plastics. Every one of our customers has a dedicated account manager. Every time they have a question or call in to our facility, they’ll talk to a real, live human. And at every point of contact, they know they’ll be met with someone who honestly cares about not just the successful run of their project, but that the process was as efficient, smooth, and hassle-free as possible.

The extra effort we make to build those connections are well worth it. We have some customers who have partnered with us for decades, through leadership changes and manufacturing challenges. Where these connections really make a difference though is when problems arise. Our customers know they can count on us to get their orders fulfilled on time and as ordered when everything goes according to plan, but they also know that they can expect the same dedication to service when things don’t go as expected. It is in those times of stress that the human connections we have made become even more important because that is when our customers know they can reach out to use and expect a caring and productive conversation. They know that we will pull in all of the necessary resources to manage the problem to their satisfaction and that they can count on us to act as their partner in all projects whether they stay on track or go sideways.

Simply put, the customer always comes first for us. That’s what we think it means to be a customer focused plastics contract manufacturer.

Discover How Our Customer Focused Plastics Contract Manufacturer Services Are Different

If you are ready to experience a different way of contract manufacturing, once that is truly focused on your needs and goals, contact Baytech Plastics. We promise you’ll speak to a live person and we promise we’ll get back to you when we say we’ll get back to you. To learn more about our full service capabilities, click here, or simply visit https://www.baytechplastics.com, we can be reached by telephone at (705) 526-7801.