What Telecommunication Equipment Manufacturers Need

Manufacturing Telecommunications Equipment

It’s easy for today’s telecommunication equipment manufacturers to subcontract the production of certain elements of their manufacturing to plastic component companies. Increasing specialization of specific parts and the need for reliable, inexpensive elements are just two reasons that the majority of the industry now prefers to oversee production of the final, assembled components while the individual elements are produced elsewhere. But how do they ensure the quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness of their own product when they are subcontracting at least part of their production? There are a few crucial attributes they need to look for in their contracting partnerships.

Availability Of A Wide Range Of Resins And Polymers

Telecommunication equipment is constantly evolving and changing and manufacturers need to keep up with the latest developments in electronics, polymers and other components in order to produce a product that makes sense for their buyers. Working with a plastics company that offers a complete selection of resins and polymers ensures that you will be able to upgrade or make changes as new innovations hit the market, keeping your business ahead of the curve and eliminating the need to find a new supplier every time an individual component needs to be modified.

Multiple Methods Of Production For Telecommunication Equipment Manufacturers

There is a variety of production methods available for polymer components that are used by manufacturing facilities, each with its own advantages and shortcomings. Rather than ordering components from a highly specialized manufacturing facility that offers only one method, telecom companies should contract with an entity that can offer several techniques. While injection molding may be best for an individual resin component, thermoset may be preferred for an element with distinctly different properties. If a facility also offers modular assembly it can save end manufacturers even more money by eliminating the need for multiple suppliers, shipping schedules or in-house assembly.

In-House Repair And Revision Capability

When telecommunication equipment manufacturers discover a flaw in the design or execution of a component they’ve ordered from a sub-contractor, it’s always an expensive endeavour to resolve the issue, particularly if they need the company to revise or upgrade the molds or materials being used during the manufacturing process. If this works needs to be done by an outside company, the costs can quickly mount. A fabricator that has its own in-house mold revision and repair capabilities on site is preferred in order to keep costs down and the timeline reasonable.

Superior Quality Control

Telecommunication equipment manufacturers have to supply their customers with products that are extremely reliable and precisely designed for effectiveness, durability in a variety of environments and cost effectiveness. When they choose a manufacturing partner for specific parts they need to look carefully at the quality control protocols that are in place. Regular internal audits, project by project troubleshooting and quality control oversight of individual parts as well as assemblies are a must. Mock recalls, ISO 9001 certification and other assurances of enhanced quality control are also plusses, giving telecom equipment manufacturers the assurance they need to offer their finished products with confidence.