What To Look For When Choosing Plastics Contract Manufacturers In Ontario

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Unfortunately, not all plastics contract manufacturers in Ontario are created equal. Because of the plastics manufacturing boom, there are a lot of choices for companies looking to hire a contract manufacturer and those choices are varied, and not always for the better. Here are some criteria that will help you weed out which manufacturers you should work with and which you shouldn’t.

Choosing Your Plastics Contract Manufacturers In Ontario

The Amount Of Work Done In-House – One important detail to ask a potential contractor is how much of their work is done in-house. Having in-house designers and engineers to guide you through the production process can help you to develop prototypes, improve parts and products and troubleshoot more quickly.

Location, Location, Location – Previously it was more advantageous for plastics manufacturer to be nearer to transportation hubs, because bulk shipping was the most economical way to transport parts. Now there are more local manufacturers, because companies want to have more involvement in producing their part. You should still make sure that, even if you choose a local company, that it will still have the capacity to make bulk shipments.

Size And Capability – The size of your manufacturer matters, because you want to make sure they can handle whatever size production run you can throw their way, big or small. If you work with plastics contract manufacturers in Ontario that can handle both large batches of products on demand as easily as they can small production runs. Because, even if you begin as a small company, working with contractors that can easily produce in bulk may work to your benefit as you grow.

Types Of Plastic Injection Molding Offered – Size matters, but variety matters, too. Different types of molds have different purposes, and depending on what you need, you may need different tooling, a different class of mold and a different resin for each production run you contract. You need to know that your plastics contract manufacturers have the machines and a trained, knowledgeable staff to handle any type of part production.

Experienced, Trained Staff – In regards to staff, there are three things that are critical when choosing plastics contract manufacturers: Experience, training and the number of staff at the facility. Technology can and has taken over many jobs in this field, but you still need people who are knowledgeable, who are trained to handle your particular job and you need enough of them to be able to troubleshoot if necessary.

A Good Reputation Means Something – Building a good reputation takes time, because even one mistake can stick with a manufacturer for years, and for good reason. It’s because every mistake means a customer spent unnecessary time and money. A happy, long-standing customer base is a good sign that a manufacturer has a great reputation. It also means that, they’ve hung onto good old fashioned values, but they still pay attention to market and industry trends. They also understand what works and what doesn’t work in the industry.

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