Design and Engineering

Complete In-House Design, Engineering & Support

At Baytech Plastics, we’re committed to reducing your costs and improving the efficiency of your plastic components and assemblies through exact designs based on decades of experience.

We have an industry-leading reputation for top-quality engineering support. We earned this reptuation by delivering innovative solutions for component and assembly design that draws upon our five decades of experience.

But experience does not mean we are set in our ways. Baytech’s design team is what sets us head and shoulders above the crowd, and our determination to provide innovative solutions to design problems is the key to our competitiveness. Our commitment to “Kaizen”, the Japanese method of continuous improvement, means our best practices approach will keep getting better.

  • Create Intellectual Property
  • Design For Manufacturing
  • Resin Selection Optimized For Component Design And Function
  • Mold Design And Construction
  • Computer Assisted Design
  • Layout Verification
  • Cross Pollination Of Best Practices From Diverse Market Sectors, Including Automotive, Electronics, And Consumer White Goods
  • Mold Flow And Finite Element Analysis
  • Performance Testing