Why The Automotive Industry Is Choosing Baytech Plastics For Custom Plastic Molding In Ontario

Automotive Plastic Injection Molders

Baytech Plastics offers custom plastic molding in Ontario to automotive companies. Custom molded plastic components have become such an intricate part of automotive design and production. For this reason, it is more important than ever for automotive companies to partner with a custom plastic molding firm they can trust. That is why many Automotive Tier 1 and Automotive Tier 2 companies trust Baytech Plastics for custom plastic molding in Ontario. Below, we will discuss six reasons the automotive industry is choosing Baytech Plastics for their custom plastic molding needs.

#1 – Fast Turn-Around Time

In the automotive industry, many times an order of custom molded plastic components requires fast turn-around time. With two plants, hundreds of employees, and 34 molding machines, Baytech Plastics is fully capable to handle such orders. The plants will operate 24/7 if that is necessary to help you meet your deadline.

#2 – Commitment To Quality

Not only is Baytech capable of quickly providing custom plastic molding in Ontario, but they are also committed to a high standard of quality. What is the point in getting an order turned around quickly if the quality suffers because of it? Don’t risk that happening to your company by choosing custom molding firms that do not emphasize quality. Baytech Plastics uses a number of quality control procedures to ensure that your plastic components are satisfactory every single time.

#3 – Experience

The company was founded in 1946. Since that time they have grown into a multi million dollar enterprise. Baytech Plastics’ growth and success speaks of the firm’s expertise and trustworthiness. The dedicated professionals at Baytech Plastics have experience and insight that allow them to provide the best custom plastic molding in Ontario.

#4 – Design Services

Another reason that automotive companies partner with Baytech Plastics is because they offer design services. Baytech is capable of simply producing an already designed component, but they are also capable of designing the component entirely. Even if you already have a design concept, the engineers at Baytech Plastics can offer valuable insight and expertise to make your component the best it can be.

#5 – Versatility

Partnering with a versatile custom molded plastic firm is an important aspect to the automotive industry. There are a variety of different kinds of plastic components that are used in vehicles. Automotive companies are wise to partner with a firm that can meet all of their needs for custom plastic molding in Ontario. Baytech Plastics offers the kind of versatility that companies look for. They process a wide range of polymers, from commodity grades to unique engineering resins for the sturdiest and most powerful applications. Baytech also provides injection and compression thermoset molding.

#6 – Program Management

Program management is still another benefit to choosing Baytech Plastics for automotive custom plastic molding in Ontario. Each project is assigned an experienced Project Engineer, who is responsible for turning your project requirements into an effective launch, communicating with you throughout the process, and ensuring that all of your technical expectations are satisfied.

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