Your Local Canadian Plastics Design and Engineering Company

Plastics Design and Engineering Company

Baytech Plastics has a long history as a Canadian plastics design and engineering company – a 70-year history to be exact! How did we get here? How have we been able to compete in an increasingly competitive global plastics market? By providing much more than just plastics manufacturing! Our value-added services approach to customer care provides businesses with a local one-stop-shop for plastics manufacturing right here in Ontario!

While our competitors may just produce plastic products, we take it many, many steps further by offering complete in-house design, engineering, and support services to every one of our clients. This reduces errors and production problems, translating into cost efficiencies and streamlined production, and concluding with top-quality plastic products and components for our client partners. Yes, we refer to our customers as partners! That’s just how we see things; we’re here to help you build your business by providing the support and services you need to meet customer demands and business goals.

Top-Quality Design and Engineering Support

Pulling from the knowledge and expertise we’ve gained during our decades in business, we are able to support and enhance our clients’ plastics designs and products. Our design and engineering teams are involved at every step of the process. These problem solvers are constantly innovating solutions to tackle our customers’ biggest challenges, from the commonplace to the unique. Each project, each challenge, and each design pushes us along the path of continuous improvement. We take what we’ve learned and apply them to the challenges and needs faced by other clients, even clients from other market segments. This type of constant learning and constant innovation helps us develop best practices that help you, no matter what your challenge and no matter what your industry.

What types of support can you expect from our plastics design and engineering company? Everything from product spec reviews and confirmation to design modifications, tooling, and production.

Our experts can help your business:
  • Create Intellectual Property
  • Design Products for Plastics Manufacturing
  • Select the Best Resins and Polymers for Product Design and Function
  • Design and Construct Molds
  • Utilize the Latest Computer Assisted Design Technologies
  • Verify Layouts and Production Needs
  • Prototyping and Performance Testing
Position Your Business For Success With Help From Our Plastics Design and Engineering Company

If you have a great idea for a new product, but need help making it a reality, contact Baytech Plastics for help. Our local Canadian plastics design and engineering company has been supporting businesses all around the world for literally decades. We help business that may not have the in-house design and engineering staff bring their plastic pieces, parts, and products to market efficiently and cost-effectively. We even work with clients who do have in-house expertise to perfect the design and select appropriate materials for production. Whatever your plastics production need, Baytech Plastics can help!

Whether you just have the inkling of an idea or an immediate need for production assistance, give us a call! We are always available to talk through project possibilities and help your business meet plastics production demands.

Call (705) 526-7801 or contact us online to discuss your engineering or design needs today!