3 Reasons Why Baytech Is Your Best Source For Injection Molding Services And Solutions

Finding a partner who can provide all of the injection molding services and solutions you need can be challenging. You may find a company that can manufacture your products but expects you to do all the engineering and design work. Another company might be able to design, engineer, and produce your parts and components but can’t package or ship them for you. Still, others can do what you ask, but nothing more; there is no product or process improvement and you’re just a number to them.

You won’t find any of those challenges at Baytech Plastics. Baytech prides itself on offering comprehensive start-to-finish injection molding services and solutions that make our customers’ lives easier. Summed up in just three words, our capabilities come down to: Experience, Service, and Systems.

The Baytech Difference

  1. Baytech Plastics has been a leading Ontario plastic injection molding company for over 70 years. Throughout that time, we have kept pace with changes in the industry and consumer demands to ensure that our customers will always find the injection molding services and solutions they need. Our comprehensive approach is proactive where we work closely with our customers to develop solutions for all of their plastic manufacturing needs.
    Our experience with thermoplastic processing spans traditional plastics to modern resins and engineered materials and our expertise has been called upon to develop components that weight as little as .01 grams to parts that are more than six feet long. Our plants and workforce are based in Ontario, but we work with customers around the world to help them meet their own consumers’ demands.
  1. Our commitment to customer service is evident from the moment you call us. You’ll always connect with a live person, not a robotic answering system. From that point on, our services only grow. Customers count on us for full-service and support that include dedicated project management to help guide your project through the production process. Our team works with yours to support every aspect of pre- and post-production, from conceptual designs and engineering services to prototyping, resin selection, mold development, all the way through to painting, finishing, assembly, and even packaging and delivery.
  2. What do we mean by Systems? Our systems include modern injection molding processing techniques that may be manual or robotic. But beyond that, when we talk about our systems, it’s the relationships and partnerships we have formed with trusted suppliers, logistics companies, and tooling professionals around the world. Our customers benefit from these long-standing relationships. They know they can trust Baytech Plastics and our worldwide network of partners to provide best-in-class materials, service, and support from start to finish. We’ll never come back to you and say, “We’ve done our part, the rest is up to you.” We are more likely to say, “What else do you need?” or “How else can we help you complete this project?”

Contact Baytech Plastics For Custom Injection Molding Services And Solutions

Everything at Baytech Plastics is custom and designed around your business and your needs. We draw on our decades of experience with plastic injection molding and use the knowledge we’ve gained working with other companies and industries to develop a solution that is the exact right fit for you.  Learn more about our services and solutions by calling (705) 526-7801 or contacting us online.