5 Reasons To Consider Two Shot Injection Molding

If you’ve never used two shot injection molding in your organization before, you may assume that it’s a process far too complicated to implement. It’s a common initial assumption for many executives. Fortunately, this isn’t the case. While two shot injection molding does add an additional layer to the manufacturing process, working with an experienced production team can offer your project with impressive results.

Know What You’ll Gain From The Two Shot Injection Process

Of course, moving forward with two shot injection molding requires more than a solid partner to assist with the process. Understanding some of the many benefits offered by this process can help you determine the overall value your organization will gain by using this type of molding. Incorporating this procedure delivers many critical advantages such as:

1. Lower Costs

Many executives are surprised to learn that this process, while adding supplemental steps to the production procedure, can actually save them money overall. How? Because even though this is a two-step method, it is actually completed using only one cycle. Using a single sequence means less cost in both the production run and overall number of employees needed to optimize output. Business owners often notice a decrease in costs for handling, assembly and overall inventory expenses.

2. Enhanced Quality

Visually, pieces produced using this tactic are simply more esthetically appealing. Customers often find the look of different colored plastics more eye-catching. Despite the lower overall production costs, many consumers believe these types of components actually look more expensive when compared to other options. Beyond looks alone these parts are often higher quality components. You and your team will notice the quality of the parts as well as low tolerances and an improved level of manufacturing repeatability.

3. Streamlined Operations

Overseeing a production run means constantly striving to streamline the overall operation. Two shot injection molding allows you to do just that. By consolidating components into a single cycle, you require fewer employees and less overall assembly. It’s an easy way to make the entire run more efficient.

4. Better Bonding

The process isn’t just quicker and more efficient; it actually delivers better bonding.

As a result, manufacturers quickly notice a boost in product reliability, resistance to wear and tear and overall life cycle.

5. Seamlessly Combine Different Materials

Two shot injection molding allows manufacturers the chance to unite different materials. For example, both flexible and rigid components can be fused in the process for an optimal final product.

Here is one more reason to consider this type of manufacturing cycle: it instantly provides virtually endless design opportunities to your business. With more time, money, and efficiency, you will have the chance to reimagine various redesigns, both from a functional and/or cosmetic perspective. 

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