How Injection Molded Plastics In Ontario Benefit The Food Service Industry

Injection Molded Plastics Food Industry Overview

One of the industries that has benefitted from injection-molded plastics in Ontario is the food and restaurant industry. Plastic containers, utensils and packaging have allowed the food industry an immense amount of freedom. It’s also elevated the “doggy bag” to a means of preserving delicious meals that we don’t have a chance to finish.

Just like the “doggy bag” evolved, so did the plastics used in producing take out containers, leftover containers and food service containers in general. In addition, plant based, recyclable and biodegradable plastics have replaced less environmentally friendly disposable plastics.

Plastics and their relationship with the food industry have grown and shaped each other tremendously. Here are some of the ways injection molded plastics in Ontario benefit the food and restaurant industry:

Benefits of Injection Molding

Quality And Convenience:

Packaging, handling and preparing food has been changed dramatically by the plastics and injection molding industry. Plastic containers, utensils and tools can be created in any shape, size or for any purpose, making it more convenient than ever to transport, store and prepare food. Plus, foods don’t spoil as quickly and stay fresh tasting longer, because plastic containers reduce food’s exposure to oxygen.

Plastic containers allow restaurant patrons to bring home any part of their meal that isn’t finished. This is in contrast to the old fashioned “doggy bag”, which is exactly how it sounds. Leftovers were thrown into a bag and given to the dog, because there was no way to preserve them. Now, restaurant goers can enjoy their meals a second time.

Increased Food Safety:

Our food standards have changed drastically because of plastics. Plastics allow food services to transport food in safe and sanitary environments. It has all but eliminated foodborne illnesses, except for a few isolated cases unrelated to packaging. Industrial and professional tools that are made of injection molded plastics in Ontario can be easily removed and replaced if contaminated. Plastic utensils are hermetically sealed to eliminate illness and contamination.

Cost Efficiency:

Food grade injection molded plastics in Ontario are incredibly cost effective. They’re also lightweight and inexpensive to ship. This makes them an all around cost effective option for many food service industries, like supermarkets and restaurants.

Environmentally Friendly Innovations:

The environment is a major concern for all of us, the plastics industry included. This us why we have been innovating many food safe plastics that are also harmless to the environment. Just like you, scientists, and manufacturers don’t want to see their injection molded plastics in Ontario landfills. So they developed plant based and biodegradable plastics that are not only food safe and sanitary, but also have a minimal impact on the environment. Just as industries evolve, plastics evolve, too.

Baytech Is Committed To High Quality, Innovative Food Grade Injection Molded Plastics In Ontario

Our goal at Baytech Plastics is to provide safe, high quality, convenient and environmentally safe injection molded plastics in Ontario. We have long-standing experience, but we are also innovators in the field of injection-molded plastic, with an eye for creating a more sustainable industry for food grade plastics.

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