Injection Molding ISO Certified Processes Ensure Quality Standards

Injection molding ISO certified processes are a signal to customers that the processes and procedures an injection molding company uses to manufacture products meet unbiased standards for quality. Manufacturers who advertise this certification have established proven best practices in the areas of quality management, health and safety and been reviewed by a qualified, independent third-party to ensure they are meeting those standards.

Compliance with the standards is completely voluntary, but since the standards are applied worldwide, they do help ensure the consistency of products and components across borders and in international markets. Working with a manufacturer who utilizes injection molding ISO certified processes provides peace of mind to customers who want to work with a company that does its best to always meet quality standards.

What is the ISO?

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. The ISO is a regulatory organization that develops international standards and, in the case of injection molding facilities, certifies production facilities to ensure site and product safety and quality. The ISO is an independent organization that is not associated with any governmental body or country, it is instead comprised of experts from all over the world who develop what are essentially best practices for a variety of activities.

ISO 9000 Standards

The ISO 9000 family of standards is arguably the most well-known of the organization’s standards. This set of standards provides criteria for quality management systems and is the only set of ISO standards that can be certified. This includes injection molding ISO certified processes.

Although certification is not required, it is helpful for businesses to become certified since certification allows them to demonstrate their commitment to quality to their customers. Specifically, ISO 9000 standards cover quality management criteria such as customer service, organizational management, the process approach and investments in continual improvement. 

What Does Certification Mean for Customers?

Although ISO develops the standards, the organization does not perform the actual certifications. These are provided by accredited third-party organizations who are neither associated with the ISO or the business seeking the certification. This helps ensure complete objectivity and standard adherence. Certification by an independent third-party organization provides customers with an unbiased resource that assures them of receiving consistently good quality products and services.

Baytech Plastics is Proud to Employ Injection Molding ISO Certified Processes

Baytech Plastics has been a trusted injection molding manufacturer since 1946. In addition to our own internal quality controls and routine process audits, we comply with ISO 9001 quality standards and are dedicated to the kaizen principles of continuous improvement. Nothing is static at Baytech Plastics. We are always innovating, always improving, always seeking ways to be more and do more for our customers. Our customers never have to worry about the quality of parts produced, the service they receive, or meeting their deadlines and product standards because we work hard every day to meet or exceed those standards and expectations.

How can Baytech Plastics help you meet your injection molded plastic production needs?  Contact our team at (705) 526-7801 or reach us online to discuss your next project or to learn more about our commitment to quality and service.