Baytech continues to increase employment and the number of active tools from which we are supplying parts. A temporary dip in activity will occur for a few months before seasonal products start back up early next year. Our on-time delivery and quality measurements are very positive. We have had limited supply issues for certain resins where we are allocated only a portion of what we need or lead times have been dramatically extended. We are working with customers to minimize any disruptions.

We are fortunate still to have not had any employees test positive for COVID-19 but we have not relaxed our preventative measures. In fact all employees in all areas of the operations are now wearing masks or shields to reduce the likelihood of an infection. Management and our families and friends thank you for taking this seriously.

We expect a strong close to 2020 and 2021 looks like sales and profitability will be even better! We will be producing many different parts next year as new tools are completed and go into production soon.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support and efforts during this strange period in our lives Let’s hope things will be much more normal by this time next year.


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