Stack Molds Double Your Complex Plastic Parts & Assembly Manufacturing Output and Save Money

Stack Molds

Complex plastic parts & assembly manufacturing projects can be expensive and time consuming, but ultimately necessary if there is are specific parts or families of parts you need. But is it possible to double, or triple, your complex parts & assembly manufacturing output, plus reduce costs and produce multiple components in one shot? Yes and stack molds are the answer.

Stack molding is a processing technique that can double, triple or even quadruple your injection mold output, while reducing the overall cost and saving time in the process. Stack molds are versatile, too. They can produce a family of parts or multiple molds of the same component at the same time.

Understanding Stack Molds

The premise of a stack mold is pretty simple. A stack mold is a series of interconnecting, single-face, same-sized molds that are stacked together. By stacking the molds, the platen size or tonnage isn’t increased so there at least double or triple the amount of cavities producing parts, if not more.

Most stack molds have an equal number of the same cavities in each side of the mold, or parting surface, but they can also have different cavities in each mold-parting surface to produce a family of parts per shot, with each part being a different shape and size.

Stack Mold Benefits

Stack molds have many benefits, almost too many to list. Here are just a few of the many areas stack molds can benefit your complex parts & assembly manufacturing output.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Mold multi-component assemblies on one injection molding machine
  • Mold a family of parts in on one plastic injection molding machine
  • Doubled, triple or quadruple part production (based on the stack levels)
  • Reduced production cost
  • Reduce part cost

Stack Mold Applications

Stack molds can be used in a myriad of applications and, often times, many of these applications can be produced at the same time. This optimizes both output and efficiency.

Some applications of stack molding include:

  • Industrial, food, medical and cosmetic packaging
  • Medical disposables
  • Automobile lens and trim components
  • Industrial vehicle lens and trim components
  • Housewares
  • Thin wall lids, caps, closures and containers
  • Consumer products

Creating Your Stack Molds

In order to work safely and efficiently, it’s critical to have stack molds that are properly designed and constructed. Robotic automation is sometimes used to boost accuracy and speed, further reducing the cost of production. Baytech Plastics’ team can guide you through the stack molding process, ensuring your complex parts & assembly manufacturing project is done both accurately and efficiency.

Baytech Plastics work with you every step of the way, from the engineering and design process and material selection to the last moment of manufacturing. With over six decades of experience producing and delivering quality custom plastic components, Baytech is a leader in the complex parts & assembly manufacturing industry.  To learn more, visit us at or call us at (705) 526-7801.