Perfect Your Components With Plastic Enclosure Manufacturing Finishing Work

Plastic enclosure manufacturing is one of Baytech Plastics’ specialties. Our work in this area spans many different industries including business machines, automotives, electrical enclosures, and consumer goods. Plastic is an ideal material for many types of enclosures due to its durability and non-reactive and non-conductive qualities.

In addition to these qualities, plastic is adaptable, capable of meeting many strength requirements and weight restrictions and can even be finished to look a certain way or to provide specific benefits. That finishing work is what we want to highlight in this post.

Finishing Work Supports Form and Function

Plastics manufacturing work at Baytech Plastics always includes assembly and finishing work for our customers who need it. Our one-stop solution for comprehensive plastic enclosure manufacturing makes it easier for our customers to manage their projects in one place from concept and design through production and finishing.

Finishing the injection molded parts provide both aesthetic and functional benefits. Surface finishes can enhance the looks and change the texture of plastic molded parts. Both of these features add value to the finished product, making them more attractive to consumers.

  • Aesthetic enhancements. Parts that look attractive are more appealing to consumers. Textures and finishing options can change or improve the final appearance of a product giving it a more complete look. They can add a sense of pizzazz to a product while also covering up seams, tooling marks, weld lines, or slight visual imperfections that occurred during the injection molding process.
  • Improved functionality. Finishing options aren’t just for show. Some options, like textures, can actually improve the functionality of a product. Textures can make it easier to hold or manipulate a product and are almost always applied to products that need to be slip-resistant. Paint has trouble adhering to completely smooth surfaces; adding texture or roughing up the surface helps the paint adhere better.

One important thing to remember: don’t wait to think about surface finishes! This decision should be made early in the product design process because it can affect the material selection and tooling costs. If you think you want a finishing touch on your end product, tell your manufacturing partner early.

Assembly Adds Even More Value

Another value-add service available from Baytech is the assembly of your completed products, parts, and components. Assembly needs should also be discussed in the earliest stages of a project because in many cases, we can design molds in ways that will speed up the production process and any post-production assembly. This service is called Design for Assembly (DFA) and it is one of our most valuable services. DFA supports modular assembly, reducing the amount of finishing and assembly work needed after a piece comes out of the mold. Learn more about our Design for Assembly (DFA) capabilities, here.

Learn More About Plastic Enclosure Manufacturing at Baytech Plastics

Are looking for ways to add value and save money on your plastic enclosures? Reach out to Baytech Plastics to discuss your project needs and get a quote. Our plastic enclosure manufacturing services go above and beyond simple injection molding to save you time and money and improve the looks and function of your products! 

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